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Zodiac Love Matcher


Although the combo of next-door-neighbor signs can be tricky, this one seems to work—
at least for a while. Straight out the gate, it's all romance and compliments and TLC,
which both signs love. Then…the big difference shows up. Taurus wants to settle down.
Aries wants to run around. Aries doesn't necessarily want run around on the Taurus in a
cheating kind of way. They just need to get out of the house and star in a magical
personal drama—and they can't help it if life has cast them to play lead. Tauruses love a
good show, but they'd rather catch it on DVD and watch from the couch, where they can
fall asleep promptly at the closing credits, curled up in fleece pants and popcorn crumbs.

Although Aries are more energetic than Taurus, many Aries have a homebody side, too-
-and nobody can bring it out like a Taurus. They're not always as wild as their reputation
suggests, and they'll happily snuggle in front of the TV. Both signs can be stubborn, and
both like to be babied. If their emotional bottle-feeding and diaper changes happen on
different schedules, then everyone gets to go home happily burped in a fresh pair of
Pull-Ups. If not, you've got a couple screaming infants with no Similac in sight.