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Zodiac Love Matcher


Finally—somebody who works as hard for Virgo as Virgo does for everybody else. Virgo
brings out spoiled-brat Aries' "responsible" side. Aries awakens uptight Virgo's passion,
and draws out their secrets. Here, Aries is the worker and Virgo is the diva—a strange
role reversal that could keep them locked together simply because they can't figure out
how it happened.

Neither sign likes to show their vulnerability upfront. They respect privacy and may hold
back on the self-expression until they've surveyed a whole situation, or allowed other
people to show their hands first. With their 007 style, they would make great spies.
These are "thinking" signs with neurotic tendencies—Aries rules the brain and Virgo is
powered by Mercury, planet of the mind. Both signs also share a certain innocence.
Aries is the "infant" first sign of the zodiac, and may look at the world with a childlike
wonder. Virgo is the sign of the virgin, and likes everything pure and untainted. Neither
sign tolerates criticism well, especially not from each other. When they feel wronged or
accused in any way, both react with dramatic displays of self-righteousness, either
freezing the other out or going off on a blaming, exaggerated tirade.