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Zodiac Love Matcher


Aggressive, radical Aries and sensitive, conservative Cancer will have to adjust to each
other's styles if they hope to ease their natural tension. Cancer is the mother of the
zodiac, and Aries is the baby—this can be a relationship with a lot of nurturing and a lot
of demands. Both of their inner children need emotional security, and finding it here will
be an on-again-off-again thing. However, they can grow a lot from compromise, and their
bond may remain even after they've learned their lessons and moved on.

These two are natural leaders love the taste of victory and hate to show their weakness.
Both may come off as aloof or grumpy at times, giving people the false impression that
they're unfriendly. With their strong verbal abilities, they can be gifted speakers and
writers. Both signs have bouts of irrational jealousy—they may push down feelings, then
release them in emotional outbursts. Neither sign trusts easily, and may bring out each
other's paranoia.