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Zodiac Love Matcher


Cancers are happiest in their homes, and these two sensitive, intuitive souls feel right at
home with each other. Ruled by the mystical moon, they may have more psychic
connections than Miss Cleo. Security will the focal point of this relationship, and they'll
build it together with ease. Although it may be cozy, their fears about the world outside
can stunt their growth if they don't push each other outside of their comfort zones.

Cancers love anything that has to do with food, feelings and history. They'll spend most
of their happy time in kitchens and restaurants, creating memory books and photo
albums, and hunting for bargains. Many Cancers are also athletic, so a dash of sporty
spice can heat things up for this quietly competitive twosome. They appreciate anything
secure enough to stand the test of time, and love to explore old neighborhoods, read
classic novels, and wear vintage clothes. Cancers act cheap, then randomly splurge on
food and designer clothes. Those Crab claws can pinch pennies as tightly as they hold
onto their most cherished people.