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Zodiac Love Matcher


You know those stories about high school sweethearts who've been happily married for
60 years? That's what a Taurus-Cancer love combo can look like. Both signs share a
quest for security—emotional and financial—and balance each other out nicely. They love
kitties, puppies, and little babies. The sweetness could send their friends into sugar
shock. Since both signs are attached to their families, this could quickly turn into a
successful "meet the parents" scenario.

Both Cancer and Taurus are thrifty, and feel better when they've got coins in their piggy
banks. The idea of being caught without a safety net gives them both the willies. Both
signs can pout with the best of them, and it's tough to break the spell once Taurus falls
into a stubborn silence, or Cancer into an emotional storm. The magic touch for both is
lots of gentle, soothing affection and understanding. A cookie or present also works,
since these signs love to eat well and be pampered.