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Zodiac Love Matcher


This relationship will rest somewhere between the cozy and the practical, and can create
deep healing as long as communication stays open. A long-term friendship could form,
and years could pass before they take it to the next level. Virgo listens patiently to
Cancer, who feels safer opening up than usual. Cancer drags Virgo out of their solitary
confinement, and gets them involved in group activities or interesting causes.

Both signs can be reserved in public, and like to kick it around the house or outdoors.
They'll never embarrass each other in public, and respect each other's privacy. Cancers
and Virgos like to save their pennies, and can bring out each other's cheap sides. Both
stay true to their homies from back in the day, and prefer to roll with a tight, trusted crew.
Virgos are perfectionists who are ultra-picky about their partners. Cancers are slow to
come out of their shells. Neither one likes to leap into relationships—they take time
before they trust.