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Zodiac Love Matcher


Gemini's multiplayer games meet Capricorn's single-track production—they may never
understand each other's flow enough to record a hit album. If life is a journey, Caps have
one destination: the top. Once they reach it, they'll unpack and stay forever, chilling in
executive style. Geminis usually have many destinations in mind, and plan to stay only
until the next adventure sweeps them away.

There's not a whole lot of similarities between these two, except for their shared ability to
become goal-obsessed when they want something badly enough. Both signs have been
known to handle people a little roughly at times, and may have stepped on one or two
friends in the name of ambition. Many among them may be awkward with affection and
dress in a stiff or frumpy style. Others swing far to the extreme, wearing outfits worthy of
a fashion police arrest—like Caps Dolly Parton and Marilyn Manson, or Gemini Helena
Bonham Carter. Both signs are masters of disguise, often hiding behind blank facial
expressions—or bizarre "clown suits" like Gemini Andre 3000 of Outkast, and Capricorn
Jim Carrey. No matter how serious they look or how depressed they can both get at
times, "mischief" is always their middle name.