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Zodiac Love Matcher


Cancer is a motherly sign, and Gemini has plenty of drama for this mama. Between
Gemini's personality shifts and Cancer's mood swings, there's never a dull moment.
They'll have to strike a tough compromise between Cancer's desire for emotional
security and Gemini's need to feel free. The mischievous gleam in Gemini's eyes already
makes Cancer a bit uneasy. Gem will have to chill on the flirting and the Crab will have
to loosen up that possessive death grip.

Both signs are moody and changeable, and need a lot of reassurance. Their minds are
curious and analytical, and their verbal skills are strong. They hate to be wrong, and may
have been kicked out of class a few times for challenging the teacher. When a feeling or
project catches their interest, they're both known to get completely lost in it. Both signs
wear many disguises, or tend to hide parts of themselves. Geminis want to be able to
switch personalities without warning, and sensitive Cancers hover under a protective
outer shell. Underneath it all, both signs have quite a few soft spots, even though they
throw up a tough front to keep you from seeing it.