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Zodiac Love Matcher


There are at least four people in this relationship—each Gemini and both of their "twin"
selves. Then there are all the other hidden personalities on top of those. Depending on
which ones meet on which day, they'll either get along great or clash like mad.
Communication will be a focal point of this relationship, since Gemini is ruled by
Mercury, the planet of words and ideas. There will probably be plenty of talk, but they'll
have to make sure there's enough action to back it up.

Both Geminis love ideas, facts, and anything communications-related. Their curious
minds move at lightning speed, and their eyes have a mischievous twinkle. Geminis are
inventors and adventurers who won't shy away from a debate, but may end up taking
both sides. Common sense is important to them, even if they often abandon their own.
Mood swings and personality shifts happen on the regular, and they need a partner who
can hang with all the action. Geminis often flow with great verbal dexterity and
imaginative wordplays—like Notorious B.I.G., Alanis Morisette, and Tupac Shakur.