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Zodiac Love Matcher


Making a decision will be as easy as winning the lottery when these two wishy-washy air
signs combine. But who cares, since neither of them likes to make up their mind,
anyway? For the most part, this makes for a wild adventure with occasional periods of
frustration—like when one is hit by a commitment impulse and the other is still drifting in
the clouds. Although their powerful air currents can create tornadoes, they have a built-in
disaster relief mechanism, and it's often strong enough to help them weather the storms.

As highly compatible air signs, these two are thoughtful go-getters brimming over with
ideas. Both signs are outwardly focused and know how to lighten up (or leave) when
things get too heavy. They love variety, and probably have lots of people and action in
their lives. Communication is important to both, especially verbal. They're charming,
flirtatious and bold; their punch is spiked with plenty of good-humored mischief.