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Zodiac Love Matcher


Welcome to unreality. Pisces live in a world of hazy illusion; Geminis dwell in the land of
make-believe. Air-sign Gemini will stir deep currents in water-sign Pisces, and they can
both get sucked into the undertow. Like two surfers, they'll fight the blue crush, with
Gemini trying to stay above water and breathe, and the fish trying to pull Gemini into the
depths. Like the Little Mermaid and her human prince, they could be drawn together
despite astounding obstacles.

Strong imaginations drive both of these free spirits, and their minds dream up some
quirky creations that are difficult to imitate. Many people born under these signs love film
and video—strong visual images pique their senses. Neither sign likes to commit too
quickly, and they need plenty of space for their imaginations to roam. At times, they can
both be paranoid that people will take advantage of them, and may have a few
conspiracy theories about "the man." Indecisiveness plagues them both—Gemini the twin
is always of at least two minds, and reality-avoiding Pisces feels trapped by making firm