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Zodiac Love Matcher


It's a 24/7 lovefest, as long as these two royals can share the throne. Leos rule the ego—
and the jungle—so their favorite word is "me." Equal stage time is a must, and both
demand us much attention as they give. As co-stars, they'll be each other's biggest fans,
and the paparazzi won't stop snapping. There could be trouble in paradise, however, if
one Leo's star rises higher or faster than the other's. The less-famous Leo won't fancy
playing a supporting role, unless the favor is fully repaid.

Leo is ruled by the Sun, which is literally the center of the universe. Is it any wonder that
they expect the world to revolve around them? Both love praise and command the
spotlight. They're playful, dramatic and expressive—even the quiet Leos manage to
capture attention. Leos may roar or growl, but like big cats, they purr if you pet them the
right way. They're fiercly loyal and protective of their clans, and will shred their prey and
competitors. A fighting spirit is also their trademark.