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Zodiac Love Matcher


It all starts out so nicely. Both signs like to look good in public, and that's probably where
they'll meet. From across the room, they'll sense each other's strength, and they'll be
pulled together like magnets. Taurus and Leo are both "fixed" signs, meaning they like to
walk in the door, set up shop to their own standards, and start running the show.
Problem is, they've both got different ideas about how that ought to be done, and they're
rarely able to roll with the other one's style. They may not discover that until they've
already signed an exclusive deal with each other.

A lion and a bull are both powerful, intimidating animals. They're both attractive enough
to dazzle each other, too. They love luxury, beauty and romance. Leos are the touch of
royal class that Tauruses know they deserve. Tauruses appear to have good breeding,
and Leos are suckers for a pretty face. These signs were born to rule, and should have
no problem telling other people exactly what to do.