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Zodiac Love Matcher


It's love, elegance and beauty without a limit when Sun-ruled Leo shines where Venus-
ruled Libra glows. Both signs love attention and nights on the town, and they bring
beauty to everything they touch. At times, Libra may be a bit "cool" for fiery Leo, and
Leo's aggressive style could throw Libra a little off kilter. In general, they'll want similar
things from life, and the combo is quite harmonious.

Love is the ultimate happiness for both signs, who live to spoil and be spoiled. Both are
highly sensitive to color and love to surround themselves with luxury and beauty.
Sentimental by nature, they both have a soft spot for friends and family, and enjoy giving
lavish gifts. They both like to be king and queen of their castles, and can be a bit
snobbish in their tastes. Vanity is a weakness for both, who spend their fair share of time
gazing in the mirror and fussing over their appearances. Both can be perfectionists with
an eternally nagging feeling that they're never quite satisfied. Libra is always looking for
the perfect balance, and Leo is always privately struggling to stay at the top of their
game. Life can feel like an endless search for both.