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Zodiac Love Matcher


Both signs are ruled by Venus, planet of beauty, love and the five senses. However,
Taurus is a fixed earth sign, and likes things grounded and steady. Libra is a cardinal air
sign, who likes to float above the ground, where they can look down on all the ordinary
wonders below. Tauruses won’t tolerate anyone being above them for long. They’re the
one sign that can get naturally-spoiled Libras to serve them. Libras are usually too
attracted to Taurus to notice how hard they’re working—after all, they look so good
together. Despite strong differences, their Venus co-rulership can smooth out the
wrinkles—and they both hate anything of theirs to be wrinkled.

Libra and Taurus have love-without-a-limit for music, flowers, romance, and designer
clothes (although thrifty Tauruses buy theirs on sale). Paparazzi bulbs will pop when this
attractive twosome parlays through town. They’ve got so much luck in the charm
department, their combined effect is magically delicious. When it comes to commitment,
both move slower than rush-hour traffic on the L.A. expressway. Taurus wants to make
sure flighty Libra is serious. Libra can’t make any decision before weighing all the pros
and cons. An outsider could sweep either one away by before they get around to a full-
on commitment.