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Zodiac Love Matcher


There's plenty of romance and chemistry here, but these signs may throw each other a
bit off balance. There could be too much reality for escape-artist Pisces, and not enough
stability for Leo. Pisces could feel especially vulnerable and moody next to sunny,
confident Leo, and they'll have lots of control issues to work through. The bond will be
intense and mysterious, and they may feel like strangers to each other at times.

Both signs are creative, dramatic, and romantic. Their vivid imaginations conjure up
some interesting fantasies and artistic creations. They're both self-sacrificing as a means
of getting people to do what they want, and have sent their friends on fantastic guilt trips.
Insecurity lies beneath the lion's arrogant roar and the fish's toughest scales. Throughout
life, they're both haunted by the question, "Am I good enough?" They're both are a bit
narcissistic and paranoid—Leos need to hear constant applause; and Pisces have such
active imaginations, they think everyone's judging them.