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Zodiac Love Matcher


Sag and Cap can amuse and frustrate each other in equal doses. Impulsive,
adventurous Sags may feel like they're dating a grandparent when they tangle with
cautious, rule-abiding Capricorn. The goats can feel like they're babysitting a hyperactive
"problem child" with unruly Sag's endless demands on their energy supply. If the two
strike a balance, Capricorns can build a solid platform for Sags to launch their big ideas,
and Sagittarians' fire can save Caps from getting stuck in an earthy rut.

Both signs are driven and can be quite hard on themselves, at times becoming self-
absorbed. When things don't work out as they envisioned, both can fall into depressed
spells. Fortunately, they're both survivors, and they'll emerge ready to step up to the
plate again. They have wacky senses of humor, and appreciate the amusing side of life.
Capricorn is a realist, and Sag likes to keep it real. Nobody will be offended by blunt
jokes, as long as they shed light on the truth.