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Zodiac Love Matcher


Both signs like change and adventure, but they may have trouble translating their
intense romantic chemistry into the structure of a "real" relationship. As two of the
zodiac's biggest reality avoiders, they prefer to keep an element of fantasy about their
bond, even if they've been together for years. Midnight bike rides, costume parties, a
round of truth-or-dare—both signs will be in at a moment's notice. Yet, when it comes to
something as "normal" as a commitment, they both get weirded out. At least they'll
understand each other.

Both signs want live life in the land of make-believe. Sag rules travel and the higher
mind, and Pisces rules the imagination—so they're always packed for some kind of head
trip. They're both constantly searching for new dimensions of reality, and sometimes lose
their own perspective in the quest. Moody spells always seem to follow, since both are
particularly hard on themselves as well. As mutable signs, they love change and
adventure—a certain amount of freedom is key.