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Zodiac Love Matcher


Anything can happen when a Virgo teacher's pet meets a Sagittarian class clown They
may not understand or approve of each other's way of doing things, but they'll certainly
learn through their differences. Sag could feel surprisingly vulnerable with Virgo, and
may wish Virgo would open up more. Virgo will be frustrated and awed by Sag's risk-
taking and refusal to play by the rules. Over time, Sag may end up on the honor roll and
Virgo could wind up in detention for a day. It will be a refreshing role reversal for both,
even if it doesn't last forever.

These are both mutable signs, meaning they can adapt to their surroundings and like to
communicate. As a result, they can probably adjust to their differences. Both signs are
people-pleasers—Virgo likes to help and serve, Sag wants everyone to have a good
time. Both signs love to learn, and probably have plenty of books on their shelves. When
challenged, they can be preachy know-it-alls. Virgo likes to analyze and Sag likes to
philosophize, so conversation will never be boring. Both signs are active, curious types
who love to spend time outdoors.