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Zodiac Love Matcher


This is a meeting of two goal-focused super-achievers, both looking for a permanent
spot in the executive suite. Once they arrive, though, Capricorn eases into a robe and
slippers, while Scorpio treats the victory as the mere beginning of their reign. Working
together can help them clock a few more hours. If steady Cap can be the muscle and
intense Scorpio can be the hustle, they can make quite a team.

Besides being work-obsessed and traditional, these signs also like status symbols—
leather, diamonds, luxury cars. They’ll work hard to make sure they have simply the
best. Both signs have been accused of coming off as cold and dismissive, and may have
stepped on a few toes in their quest to lock down security. They’re both calculating, and
may prefer to figure things out in their heads—it’s easy for them to get lost in their
thoughts. Among those thoughts are some freaky fantasies. Don’t ask unless you’re sure
you want to know.