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Zodiac Love Matcher


The bond can be intense when these two masterminds meet. They both want to build an
empire, so why not team up? As long as they can hold back from constantly
manipulating each other, they can create powerful innovations. Otherwise, it can quickly
become an evil empire, with Scorpio's thirst for control and Gemini's habit of twisting
people's words. Since you both hate weak-minded people, you may be exhausted, but
you'll never be bored.

Some of the biggest moguls are born under these signs, like Gemini Donald Trump and
Scorpio P. Diddy. Both signs have extremely active minds and imaginations. They can
be master manipulators and are incredibly seductive. Their intuition is almost scary at
times—they can tune into people like a satellite dish, and read them like a large-print
novel. Both signs have an air of mystery about them, and may wear many disguises to
keep you from figuring out who they really are. They may be a little bit scared to discover
that themselves. Trying to get a straight answer from either will verge on impossible.