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Zodiac Love Matcher


This same-sign match usually works well in love—since they're both so intense, they
bond faster than Krazy Glue. At best, two Scorpios neutralize each other a bit, since they
finally find a base of security in each other. As a team, they're more tuned in to each
other than a pair of synchronized remote controls. But if they try to turn those "controls"
on each other, the reception will create an unfortunate amount of static.

With their ability to pick up on signals and "vibes," these magnetic personalities share a
scary level of intuition that would put Miss Cleo to shame. Both like security and loyalty,
and are devoted to their friends and families. They take injuries harshly, and will strike
back at suspicious behavior. Scorpio rules other people's property and large chunks of
cash—hence, the sign has produced mega-moguls like P. Diddy and Microsoft don Bill
Gates. Most Scorpios like to hang on to what they've got, and are great at putting other
people to work to build a tight base of operations.