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Zodiac Love Matcher


This is an easy combo of two status-loving and traditional earth signs. Both signs love to
work hard on the j-o-b, and sleep long on their days off. Practical, loyal and family-
oriented, these signs usually end up in a no-joke relationship that's built to last. You'll
have to step a little harder on the gas, though—since you're both so slow to make a
move, somebody else could step in before you get it together.

Mirror, mirror on the wall—these image-conscious signs like to gaze at their reflections,
shop, and spend hours making sure they look good in public. They may both have
"classic" features, especially a finely chiseled jaw or distinctive chin. Ruthless when
chasing an ambition, these signs may come across as a bit gruff or closed off. Neither of
them likes change—slow and steady is how they win the race. With their great
determination, they can usually be trusted to get the job done.