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Have you ever stepped off a carnival Tilt-a-Whirl, and continued to feel like the world
was slanted and your body was still spinning? That's the sensation Gemini can leave
Taurus feeling: dizzy and taken for a ride. No matter how honest a Gemini may be,
Taurus will never fully trust them. Honesty, in a Taurus' eyes, doesn't change. It's the
truth, like the law—it is what it is, and that's final. To Gemini, the truth means expressing
what you see and feel in any given moment, even if it's completely different from what
you were feeling half an hour ago. Taurus is already out the door.

Both signs are ambitious and can win any debate, Geminis through mental dexterity and
Taurus through sheer determination. They're creative and hardworking, but
stubbornness can thwart their goals. Taurus may refuse to change and Gemini may
refuse to settle into one track—in the end, it can leave them both frustrated and
unfulfilled. As a result, both signs can be their own worst enemies.