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Zodiac Love Matcher


This match can seem almost bizarre, like Virgo Michael Jackson's short-lived marriage
to Aquarius Lisa-Marie Presley. The attraction will likely occur through conversation,
since both signs have quick minds and are curious about almost any topic. As friends,
your bond can be deep and you may share secrets that you're not likely to reveal to
many others. Despite the strong mental connection, though, your emotional needs may
be too mysterious for the other one to figure out.

Both signs are intellectual and like to have meaningful conversations that skirt unusual
subjects. When you make up your minds, nobody can change them. You're concerned
about helping the world, and you're loyal friends to anyone in need. You shine as a
second-in-command to a team captain or class president, since you're both responsible,
thorough and devoted to any job. Because of your strong compassion for others'
suffering, you could both have a long list of needy friends who call you in every crisis. It
also helps you both avoid dealing with your own emotional needs.