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Zodiac Love Matcher


Down-to-earth Virgo is focused on the daily grind, while up-in-the-clouds Libra is always
daydreaming. Still, they may be able to teach each other a thing or two. Libras can
lighten up Virgos and help their critical eyes see a little more beauty. Virgos can offer
wishy-washy Libras stability and helps them make more sensible, thorough decisions.
This will only work if they want to try each other's foreign approaches to life—it could take
hard work to balance Libra's extravagance with Virgo's practical nature.

Few signs spend as much time evaluating everything as these two. Virgo is ruled by
analytical Mercury, and Libra is represented by the scales of judgment. Both signs can
get "analysis paralysis" when it's time to make a move. With their baby faces, they have
a similar freshness to their flirting. Both signs like to take care of people, and have
critical eyes—Virgos see every flaw, and Libra are sensitive to color, style and order.
When these signs feel down on themselves (which happens often), they may share a
scathing sense of humor and a weakness for gossip. Meow!