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Zodiac Love Matcher


Virgo is the service sign, and Pisces rules self-sacrifice. As a result, this attraction often
starts with one of them being needy or weak, and the other rushing in for the save.
They'll have to work to balance their own needs with their desire to be needed by others.
Both signs like to help people, and they can create a healing sanctuary together. At
times, it's a battle between Virgo's desire for reality and Pisces' attempts to escape it.

Virgo is the "health" sign of the zodiac and Pisces rules hospitals and illness. Many of
them are drawn to nursing, psychology, nonprofit work and healing arts. At the very
least, they'll both have a lot of compassion for people's suffering, and will want to do
something about it immediately. At times, both will suppress their own needs, then
resent the world instead of speaking up for what they want. Both have been known to
deliver high doses of nagging, blame, guilt trips and criticism. Solo time and freedom are
important to both of them. They need long hours to chill at home and get lost in their