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Celebrity Starmates


Drifting on a Dream

Pisces are the original flower children, the dreamy romantics who can't stand reality. These "artistes" wear their sensitivity on their sleeves. They get swept away in their creative pursuits, rarely stopping to consider whether the idea makes sense. Going with the flow is just their style. At times, it seems like they're floating on a current, with no real control over their lives or destinies.

Starmates: Drew Barrymore, Chris Martin, Seal, Adam Levine, Eva Mendes, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Freddie Prinze Jr., Chris Klein, Flavor Flav, Bow Wow, Jon Bon Jovi, Elizabeth Taylor, Quincy Jones, Chelsea Clinton, Kristin Davis, Kurt Cobain

Tough as Sharks

Sometimes, the Pisces' scales can be tough, and they use this strength to stick up for the underdog. These Pisces have a "nurse" quality to them -- they'll kick your butt if you pick on the little guy. Brave and compassionate, they won't tolerate moral injustice. Don't swim in their direction unless you plan to come correct.

Starmates: Queen Latifah, Eva Longoria, Thora Birch, Johnny Knoxville, Ja Rule, Camryn Mannheim, Jessica Biel, Bruce Willis, Joel & Benji Madden, Dakota Fanning, Timbaland, Cindy Crawford

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