I know you may be surprised that I am contacting you today.

I feel that personal contact is the best way to bring this to your attention! Contact me RIGHT AWAY... we need to TALK!

I have EXCITING NEWS for you! When you read the information in this note, you will understand why I had to send it to you right away.

What I am about to share with you is so POWERFUL that it cannot wait. That is why I am eager to give you this message now.

I prefer a ONE-ON-ONE connection for news like this... dont you? Come to me... you will LOVE what I have for you!

I have spent my entire life in psychic communication with spirit guides. They have given me amazing insights into an unseen world of signs and symbols. But I have never had an experience like this.


Over several years, the spirits have shown me many things. One is that, as people travel through life, HIDDEN CLUES surround them. People mistakenly dismiss them as meaningless. Unfortunately, they miss so much by IGNORING these powerful signs of the universe!

As your friend, I cannot let you miss the signs, especially, when they appear so clearly.

An intimate psychic reading is the only way to get to the hidden signs that point to happiness! Join me TODAY for a private connection!

I had just completed a reading for an old friend earlier in the day. As I finished, a strange vision appeared in my mind. It is not unusual to have REVELATIONS right after a full reading. I am in a sensitive state and OPEN TO WAVES OF PSYCHIC ENERGY.

The amazing thing I have to tell you is that, in my vision, I saw WONDERFUL SIGNS. Signs about YOU AND YOUR INCREDIBLE FUTURE!

I have had STRONG THOUGHTS OF YOU in my mind. You are communicating unconsciously and I have sensed your worried soul. When I saw the visions, I was intently focusing on your spirit.

What made this vision out of the ordinary was that it included a series of numbers. In the psychic world, NUMBERS represent the MOST INFLUENTIAL SIGNS. Powerful energy is locked within numbers. Do not worry; I am able to release them for you!

My vision was surprising in its intensity. My entire body was vibrating as I wrote this down.

I wish you could experience this first hand... and with a full psychic reading NOW—you just might!

Usually, when I see something that specific, it is while I am in personal contact with a seeker. Seeing numbers—while focusing my thoughts on you—says to me that spirits are trying to tell me things about you that are very special.

I realized that my visions of you served as revelations that could give you GREAT PERSONAL WEALTH! I saw a wonderful financial event coming to you—perhaps a lottery, inheritance or competition winnings.

Great events are coming to you—in as soon as a FEW DAYS!

These numbers are EXCEPTIONAL. First, let me give you a look at the UNIQUE NUMBERS I have SEEN FOR YOU:

7 – 4 – 9

I want you to know what these symbols call for immediate wealth and happiness. That is why it is URGENT that you contact me NOW, so that we can discuss these numbers in detail.

There is so much more that we can accomplish... if you ACT NOW! Join me... I can give you the guidance you need!

I cannot realize the full potential of these numbers without your help. With your personal input, I can give you details on the importance they can play in your life. They may be your key to gaining great fortune. As a trusted friend, that is what I want for you.

These special numbers have energy just for you. However, I would caution you to use them carefully. Each number possesses its own energy and the power of your numbers will change with time.

When there are signs as direct as these, a few days may be TOO LATE! Right now, I am sensing that the flow of energy for your numbers is at its HIGHEST.

When you contact me or one of my personal advisors, we are able to give you a full reading based on your numbers and we can UNLOCK THEIR MYSTERY. Once we understand their TRUE MEANING, you may then use their influence to bring you ANYTHING you need in life.

It could be MONEY from the lottery. It could be LOVE and the numbers will reveal a SPECIFIC DATE in which true romance will enter into your life. There is so much these numbers could mean for your FUTURE HAPPINESS.

With a phone call—or mouse click—you can begin to enjoy the powers of these numbers in your life! Give it a try!


First, I must warn you about numbers. They are POWERFUL TOOLS and can be MUCH MORE THAN THEY APPEAR. With traditional numerology, SINGLE DIGITS are the key, so ADDING COMBINATIONS OF NUMBERS can also be lucky for you.

It is why you should also look for the numbers: 22 – 13 – 34 – 36

By adding a series of numbers down to a SINGLE DIGIT, you can appreciate the TRUE POWER of your lucky numbers. Also, pay particular attention to the sequence of your personal numbers, as it is vital to their power.

When you add the digits, they become your SPECIAL SINGLE NUMERALS:

2 + 2 = 41 + 3 = 4… and so on.

For example, if you were born on January 1, 1978, you would add 1 + 1 + 1 + 9 + 7 + 8 = 27. Then add 2 + 7 giving you a lucky number of 9.

Numerology is the ancient method of divination that has helped seekers for THOUSANDS of years. I have seen the many ways that numbers can be used to UNLOCK MYSTERIES OF THE PSYCHIC WORLD and I know how to harness the energy in order to bring you true success.

It is important that you do not ignore the signs the universe is giving to you.

I know firsthand how the power of a message can completely change someone's outlook on life. I know you could use a miracle…


It would be my great pleasure to accompany you on this fantastic voyage of self-discovery. Reach out and take this opportunity—TODAY!

With personal contact, I can see DEEPER MEANINGS and we can RECOGNIZE THE SIGNIFICANCE of your numbers. Together we can discover their TRUE MEANING.

I can help you to use your LUCKY NUMBERS wisely, so that you may experience the GREATEST FORTUNES IN LOVE AND MONEY… EVER!

Your SPECIAL LUCKY NUMBERS have been revealed. Understanding your numbers can be the key to GREAT FORTUNE AND HAPPINESS. Because these numbers are so important to your future, I would like to offer to you the FIRST FIVE MINUTES OF YOUR PSYCHIC READING ABSOLUTELY FREE.

I URGE you to contact me or one of my advisors to unlock the MEANING OF THE POWERFUL SYMBOLS in your life.

The time to use your lucky numbers is NOW!

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