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Angels Question And Answer
Ask The Angels - Questions Answered angels, psychic, psychics, find a free psychic, online psychic, find a online psychic free!  Live psychics, psychic medium, psychic predictions, ask now free! Why should I ask God and the angels for things? I really expect them to already know what I need and want!

When you ask God and the angels for assistance, it is like offering an invitation to go to work for your benefit. We all have free will to make decisions and we know that people make good choicesand they make not so good choices too. Asking for help is you making a choice to invite God and the angels into your life.


I feel funny asking for a job, a car or a house. Is it okay to ask the angels for things I want or need?

The angels truly love you and it is always okay to ask for something for yourselfwhen you do it in a pure and loving way. By asking for the things you need, you are asking for the assistance that you need. The job supports you and your family, the car gets you where you are going and the house shelters your family. These are all good things to ask for.

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Why would the angels want to listen to me? I’m not anyone special.

The angels are always there for you and they love youjust as you are today right now. You don’t have to be someone special or important to have the angels listen to you. Call on the angels whenever you need them, and they will be right by your side before you know it!


But if I ask the angels for help, then what happens if I get too many good things in my life?

Wouldn’t that be a wonderful thing to happen? If the angels give you so much, then you could be generous and be helpful to those you know that have little or even have nothing. When the angels listen to you and help you, this is something good. Please be happy that the angels have helped you.


Well I asked the angels for what I thought I wanted…but then I got it and it turns out that I really didn’t want that, so what’s next?

This experience is actually a sign of your own personal  growth and development. This may be a little confusing at first, but it is an accomplishment to be proud of. You are not focused on having “something” at all. Please know that what you wanted will go to the right person at the right  time, the angels will deliver it appropriately.


When I ask the angels for somethinghow detailed does my request need to be?

In your prayers and positive energy of asking, you create love and pure intention. This positive energy is more important than cataloging a list of minute details. Be as specific as you need to be, but trust the angels will bring you what you need and what you want. Angels always know!


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Can I help my friends and family by asking the angels to help them?

You can always ask the angels to protect and guide your friends and family. Call upon the angels anytime, day or night. But please also know that the angels work with your friends and family directly to assist them. Your good thoughts can only be helpful in sending angels to their aid.


Are we worshipping angels by paying attention to them like this?

The word “angel” means “messenger of God.” So angels come from God. Even if you attempted to worship an angel, your prayerful thoughts to the angel would go straight to God’s ears.


What should I ask the angels for? I don’t know what to ask for.

You can always ask the angels for guidance, that is an important thing to ask for. Angels protect and guide us day and night. Asking for either protection or guidance can be very helpful.


Why do we have angels?

Angels are here to help us through our daily lives. They exist to protect and guide us at all times. You can call upon an angel for assistance with any matter that concerns your heart. 

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By ellen, Saturday, August 16, 2008 05:04:41 PM
Sylvia, can you please tell me my spirit guides name. Thank you, Ellen from Holland.
By Debra, Saturday, August 16, 2008 02:38:18 AM
Can you tell me if my son had any pain before passing during his sleep and why he left me??My son 17-1/2 years old, 8 days away from turning 18 years old. He passed away during the night, the official cause of death was acute opiate intoxication. I woke up in the morning and found him, called 911 to revive him. I'm having trouble sleeping,depression and trying to go on. I go to a church near by, bereavement groups & have lots of friends and family. I miss him so, so much he was my baby.I just need to know how he is and any messages to me! By: Debbie Z.
By Taylor, Friday, August 15, 2008 08:33:29 PM
My sister says she is hearing voices. Not bad ones, Good ones.. She says that they are helping her whenever bad thoughts come through her mind like to go hurt some one.. She'd here a voice that says don't do it. in like a woried but happy tone. Could this be her angel?
By Ernestina, Friday, August 15, 2008 06:38:15 PM
Dear Sylvia thank God for people like you to help us all understand our lives we love you. Please please everyone pray for my sister-in-law Sonia who is very ill now. Sylvia please send her your special healing and love for I know the power of prayer. Thank you so much Sylvia and everyone God Bless you all.
By Beulah, Friday, August 15, 2008 12:38:17 AM
By Sherrie, Thursday, August 14, 2008 11:51:00 PM
TO All OF YOU POSTING Messages and Questions on This Site...... Listen to the Whispers God gives us all, before they become a crisis! I am speaking from experience,I did not listen,and I had a MAJOR CRISIS Occur. It was not pleasant at all. I had a BAD feeling (whispers), and I continued to ignore it! So,I Suffered (it became a CRISIS)! This has happened numerous times to me.I am learning to listen More Closely! I know God is thinking to himself ..."It Is About Time,Sherrie. I have been trying to guide you but you have to do your part AND LISTEN!" Please understand I have been praying for Strength, Guidence and Knowledge. I too, have had some very TRAMATIC things happen to me over the last year, Also. To the extent I felt as though I had been hit by an UNFORSEEN FREIGHT TRAIN,doing about 100 miles an hour and shortly afterwards the Earth itself, opened up and SWALLOWED ME UP! I was VERY DEEP IN A HOLE and At some Point I had to QUIT DIGGING! And figure out a way to pull myself up. So ,I started to PRAY for the people that were hurting me. Believe it or not I STARTED TO FEEL BETTER, when I put my prayers for them First! (Who would of thought it??)Yet, it made me FEEL BETTER. Now keep in mind I did not Quit praying for myself,just my prayers for myself came second to my prayers for others. Also, chances are your pryers are being answered,(Yet,watch what you ask for as you might just get it) they may not be answered in your Time ,but they Are Being Answered IN God's Time! ALso Know, that what You, as well as myself, am praying for, I am coming into agreement with you that our prayers are being heard and Answered. Where 2 or more come into agreement in prayer to our Heavenly Father (as His Will) this will be done.I Commend Sylvia for her work, as I do not always agree with her, Her Intentions Are Amazing and I believe she has enlightened so many people and brought them CLOSER TO GOD,ANGELS and the afterlife. For this, MANY THANKS TO HER! May she continue to Be Blessed with Continued Gifts To Share With Us ALL! I also ask each of you to keep me and my family in your PRAYERS, Sherrie
By JoAnn, Thursday, August 14, 2008 10:11:27 AM
Is my mom watching over me? Desperately need help with my children, thought relocating would be a benefit for them. Not sure what to do anymore, trying, but feel losing battle.
By Yvette, Wednesday, August 13, 2008 04:15:20 PM
To Connie, you have been in my prayers. I have just started a home business, because like you, I have had trouble finding a job to pay the bills. I also have medical problems that may prevent me from working full time outside the home. So far this business is so easy and looks very promising. There are so many ways to make money with it. If you are interested, leave a comment and I will tell you about it.
By lynne, Tuesday, August 12, 2008 10:28:15 AM
How many angels do I have around me? Lynne
By kathy, Tuesday, August 12, 2008 02:45:57 AM
this is not a comment this is more like a question, i guess i am just like every body else. i would like to know my angels name and my spirit guides name. i would also like to know the gift i had when i was younger will is ever come back and if it will how can i help it to come back faster and better? and the most important i have twins i need to know if every thing is going to turn out ok with them! please answer all my questions i know there a lot but they are important to me. thank you kathy

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