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Ask the Angels: Your Questions Answered (August 26)
Ask The Angels - Angel Questions Answered angels, psychic, psychics, find a free psychic, online psychic, find a online psychic free!  Live psychics, psychic medium, psychic predictions, ask now free! Have a question for your angel? SpiritNow is your place to get your answer. Click here to ask the angels a question. Check back in the Angels section on SpiritNow for answers each week. Here are the latest answers for August 26, 2008.

I ask the angels to help me with my health care. Does that mean I shouldn't ask for their help in other areas?

You can always ask the angels for help with every area of your life – the angels are happy to help! The angels will be happy to help you with several areas of your life at one time.


Angels appear sometimes in our dreams, and they certainly do protect and love us. If there are kind and loving faces in your dreams, these could very well be angels’ faces.

I've always believed that Angels have helped me and can often see how they work in my life. I now need help to find a home and Angels have shown me an area around the 1500 block but everything there is about 100k out of my price range. Am I missing something or can the Angels really make this kind of miracle happen for me?

It sounds like the angels are hard at work to help you find your new home! Ask the angels for more assistance, perhaps there is a new home opening up on that block you just haven’t seen yet within your price range.

My last friend I had has been ignoring me. She is in Louisiana. I am in Missouri she moved there about 10 years ago. She quit emailing and calling. Why? We have been friends for around 15 years. I have written, e-mailed and called, she won't answer. I thank you for being with me.

Ask the angels to surround this friendship with their love and for their guidance on how to proceed. Every relationship deserves to be handled with gentleness and care.

I used to be so cognizant of my angels guidance when I was younger, now that I am approaching 45 and have gone and are going through some very tough experiences they are not only silent, but even the subtle messages and directions have disappeared, what is happening?

It sounds like you were very aware of the angel occurrences, perhaps at that time you were noticing what was around you a bit more. Try to pay attention to things around you, to move slower for a day or so and see if this makes a difference.

Lately, I have been feeling like my angles are closer to me than before and have seen orbs in my bedroom. I just want to make sure this feeling never leaves me. How can I become even closer to my Angles?

Try spending a few moments communicating with your angels each day. This day spent with your angels each day with help you feel very close to your angels.

How can I make sure I am receiving messages from my angels?

It is quite simple: ask them if they are angels! Angel messages are full of love, hope and make you feel uplifted when you receive them.

I am a senior and would like to know if I will find a companion in my senior years? I have been alone for some time. Thank you.

We all deserve to have someone special in our lives. Ask the angels for their help and guidance in helping to find this love for you; they will be happy to help!

My dear Guardian Angels, will I ever be able to obtain financial happiness? I know that there are others that are out there that are in worse shape than I am some of them don't even have a home or anyone to be with. I pray for these people and animals to have happiness in their lives. Thank you for answering my question.

Talk to your angels each day about your concerns and listen for their responses. They will guide you to make wise decisions for you and your family at this time for your finances and life concerns.

Since my father passed away a little over two years ago, I have felt as though there is a purpose for my life that I have not yet discovered. I think I have learned my guardian angels name. It is Helen. That is all I have learned. I am feeling quite lost as I have developed some health problems and feel a little useless to myself and my family. How can I ask the angels to guide me to my purpose in life?

The angels are happy to help guide you to your life purpose. Simply ask them “Angels, what is my life’s purpose?” and listen for the response. Try doing this daily for at least several days and see what you feel most inspired to do!

I am so depressed all the time. I am lonely for friends, my health is not all that good. I just want to know what I can do to help myself.

Ask the angels to surround you with love and support. The angels can help guide and support you as you make positive decisions to change your life.

I like to know - can the archangels, angels or others to appear before me so that we can communicate with each others face to face? Because I cannot hear very well and I'm hard of hearing. Thanks.

Yes, angels and archangels have been known to visually appeal to people, but this is not a very common occurrence. If you are hard of hearing though, trust that your angels do know this (and everything else) about you! The angels will communicate with you in a way that you will understand and be comfortable with.

I pray everyday about my life and seem to get guidance in e-mails, songs and etc. My question is will my life change for the good and I will not lose my house and belongings?

Stay aware as the angels guide and inspire you during this time to make positive decisions for your life. Trust that the angels guide your every step along the way.


Angels are happy to help you sell your house. Ask the angels to send the right buyer for your house right to your door!

I am constantly aware that my angels are with me and with my family. My question is, will my newly retired husband come out of his funk/depression and get back into a job, even if only part-time, where he is doing what he loves to do, have contact with people and working in the plan checking area? I hate seeing him this way and he needs to get on with his life for all of our sakes.

Ask the angels to surround your husband with love and support during this time. The angels can help him find a new job or interest to keep him happily occupied.

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By vickie, Tuesday, September 02, 2008 03:20:37 PM
My Dearest Judy (with neice named Janet); I am hearing putitary gland and being shown a left turning colon in the bowels area. Have any test been ran to check on those things? If not try to suggest the organs be checked out by her doctor. She will be o.k. just needs to have a check up in the blood work and a few more tests that will find it. Blessings from Above-vikki the psychic
By vickie, Tuesday, September 02, 2008 03:14:59 PM
My Dearest Cynthia: I am sorry for the untimely lose of your mother in such a shocking way. Who did she know by the name of Ray? He knows comething about this deatha dn doesent want to tell it. It will take a 4 year turn for the case to be solved, but it will be solved and the guy who did it will be caught. Just keep her case in front of the police and don't let them put it aside. It will by your efforts and banner holding that the case will be investigated in a more 'percise way'. She is over on the other side and she is very happy. I keep hearing "THE DOG THE DOG" I'm not sure what that means, it may be her way of letting you know it's her. Blessings from Above-vikki the psychic
By vickie, Tuesday, September 02, 2008 03:04:33 PM
My Dearest Elaine E: Being different isn't so bad. It's just different much as in the way God put colors in the rainbow. We are all together inthe white light, but how beautiful we are when we are allowed to shine in the colors that we have to bare to others! If the information you are recieveing is comming in too quickly ask God to slow it down or to only send you the information/people that you can help. Sylvia said on one Montel show that she had to ask for that because she would see things that she dident want to see as a child, and that the information was sometimes information that she wasn't able to help people with at that time. So just ask that it be limited that's all. I had to ask for it, and sometimes a question I get, I can only have part of the information for one reason or another. I asked for it after 9-11 when I recieved messages from spirits that over whelmed me and I feel to my knees with the messages crying. the woman in my house rushed over and tried to comfort me, but all I could do was spout out the messages and tell them "I'll do what I can." Because she even touch me, she too started to have dreams for days of 'seeing' what some of the passengers saw last. It took us months to get through it and there wasn't any place or anyone that I knew that I could write down the information of the messages. So I asked for the limited information and God understood. Blessings from Above--vikki the psychic
By vickie, Tuesday, September 02, 2008 02:49:32 PM
My Dearest Jamie: Who is around you (that has passed over) named Wynsten? or maybe spelled winston? He is around you all the time. Your not dong anything wrong, ther is really no wrong about it. Every now and then, when you feel that brushing feeling around your right cheek--it is your Angel Gabrial telling you he is there. Your on your charted life coursse and are doing fine. I am happy to say. If you want to reach out and see your angels and your guide try the book by Sylvia Talking with your Angels and Spirit guide. There are also other books out there, but I have read them and Sylvia has the best way of telling you about them. A book also called Angels will tell you about the angels, their function and give you their wing colors so that when you start see them you will know what type of angel your talking to and what their task for God is. Blessings from above. vikki the psychic
By vickie, Tuesday, September 02, 2008 02:35:54 PM
My Dearest Diana: As I was reading your question and came to the name of the town in Carolina, I heard the name Kingston. Althoug your wanting to do another business, my guide says that your service and well ran operations of services are desporatly needed in that area. You might want to consider that area instead. Your gonna add to the publication business a newer side: a Holostic center with spa center and meditation centers. The economy for house selling has been down and it has beena bad time in that area for buying/selling realistate. After the elections your house will have a buyer. I see an older gentlemen looking to purchase it in a relocation he is doing in an effort to help his family/relations. Blessings from above--vikki the psychic
By vickie, Tuesday, September 02, 2008 02:25:50 PM
My Dearest Sharon: First lets get the weight understanding correct. Never heard of that? Well weight issues can have many influences. Not only what we eat, but the mental and physical, spiritual , hormonal and enviromental enfluences too. First thoug understand: Overeating is a cause from a drifferent problem. It is a habbit. Habbits are always with us no matter what , they are part of our live. This habbit will first need to be replaced with another habbit. So think about what your gonna replace it with--try to make it something simple and easier to keep doing every day. You do not need a diet, You must committ to a lifesyle change and that just takes adjustments in your habbits. Understanding that issue will help you. Start small in your steps. If water drinking is an issue,then try drinking water from a special glass that make you feel good. I am the world's worst at drinking water. So I took out a convenated crystal glass from my husbands grandmothers collection and starting drink the water from it. Why? It made me feel special. I knew that the glass was a special treat for her to serve dinners with and it was one of the things that brought me true pleasure and a loving thought of a beloved grandmother that loved me dearly as an in-law. To me it made the water special. It made me feel special. Now I drink more water. If grandma is watching she is over joyed that I did this to help myself out and to put in the water that my body needs. So start small. If eating alone, make it special for one! When I am alone, and most of the time my family is out and I am alone I will set the table for me with the added extra that will make the meal special and more comforting. NOTE I make the enviromant special as my confort, not the food. Food is to nurish the body and to help it to substain this life. Did you know that it takes 1 calorie to 'burn to keep the body 1 degree of temperature? So your body is burning calories just to keep up its 98.6 degree temperature. Start trying small items in the food catirgories. Our taste buds change with age and so does our like/dislikes for food. Using Extra virgin olive oil (small amounts) can be benificial to your heart health and other foods. Try a Healthy cooking class to discover a range of food styles that are not only tasty, but very healthy. Do keep checked out by a medical person and try some of the suggestions here. Blessings from above--vikki the psychic
By Diana, Tuesday, September 02, 2008 02:14:01 PM
Hi Vickie, I have been trying to sell my house for 2 years. I have a Senior Publication along with 2 other business partners that I started after my mom died. I am ready to do something else. I am in a relationship that I feel is not what I really want. He was a friend of my late husband. I feel that I am stuck in a box and can't get out. I would love to move to Asheville, N.C. or somewhere south where I can start over anew. I love to help others. I am trying to stay positive, but feeling confused on what I should be doing. Please help! Diana
By vickie, Tuesday, September 02, 2008 02:02:30 PM
My Dearest Wendy C. : To find answers from a few weeks/days ago: Go to the MORE ANGEL ARTICLES or go to the tab Angels and go to articals. in the center of the screen you can scroll down and look for the photos and the dates of the back logged Q & A's. Please note that there is a pharagraph area where Trudy G. answers questions that is followed by COMMENTS Your Questions are posted and some of the answers that I write are ther too. And they are not always close together. Just scan through and look for your name. If you don't find an answer then write it again and I will try to answer it for you. Blessings from Above-vikki the psychic Anyone that I answer starts with the same greeting "My Dearest" Look for the answer greeting followed by your name.
By carol, Tuesday, September 02, 2008 10:48:50 AM
By Wendy, Tuesday, September 02, 2008 09:11:11 AM
Hello, I'm not sure if I missed my answer or it hasn't been replied to yet. It was about 3 weeks ago. Is there anyway to check previous weeks to see if I was answered? Wendy Ciardi

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