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What Would You Ask An Angel?
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by Sylvia Browne

Everywhere I go, people have questions about angels. "Sylvia, are angels real?" "How do I contact my angel?" "Who is my guardian angel?" These questions about angels are perfectly natural, as many of us are curious about angels and would like to know more about them!


Here are the answers to some of my most popular questions about angels. Perhaps these are some of the very questions that you have wondered about. The most important thing to know is that the angels are always with us and are ready to help us at a millisecond’s notice. So please do not feel like you are bothering the angels if you ask them for assistance with something! The angels look forward to helping you with the very big and the very small things in your life.



“Does everyone have a guardian angel?”


Yes, everyone does have a guardian angelexcept for the dark, evil entities. These negative entities seem to prefer being on their own without angelic help and appear to take their guidance from evil. But everyone else has a guardian angel that is always looking over them, guiding and protecting them throughout their lives.



“Why do angels have wings?”


I have really done some serious thinking about this one. I think that angels have wings so that it differentiates them from other entities in the spirit realms. Your loved ones do not have wings for example. Neither do your spirit guides. An angel’s wings also symbolize just how fast they can travelwe all know just how quickly an angel can be by your side. The angel’s wings also remind you that they can wrap you up lovingly in their wings in a very protective way.  



“Do angels come in different sizes or physical shapes?”


Yes, some angels are indeed very large. The Thrones and Principalities are angels that will appear as very large. But other angels can be mere inches tall. Another thing I have noticed is that there are no baby or children angelswe have seen many cherubs in artwork, but these baby-faced angels truly do not exist.



“Do angels have personalities?”


Angels have a deep serenity and a wonderful sense of intelligence. But I have never heard of them casually joking around or expressing themselves in a way that we might describe as a personality. So their idea of a personality may be much different from ours. Their personality may also be affected by the type of angel they are and what specific job or function they have.  


The angels appreciate your curiosity about them, because they want to have a close relationship with you. Angels truly want to be a part of your daily life. Keep asking questions about the angelsthey enjoy it!



Love always,


Sylvia Browne



P.S. If you have more questions about the angels, you would appreciate my Book of Angels. In this book, I discuss the ten different types of angels and how they help you in your daily life. Angelic meditations are included to help you connect and heal with the angels.


Sylvia Browne is without question, "America's #1 Psychic," an internationally known psychic and medium.



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By lupe, Thursday, March 12, 2009 12:43:11 AM
i ask why?????????????????????????????????????????????? Newspaper article full version In 3 more days it will have been two months since Meli's death, and her departure pains me today just as it did that very moment that i found her cold and lifeless. It is as if each second of my life someone is cutting open my heart in two and adding salt to that wound. It feels as if my soul died with her. Every time that I go into her room, which is countless times a day, I relive that horror of her leaving; I ask God where he was. Why didn't he allow me to save her? Why didn't he let me find her in time? Why didn't he choose me to take her place? I would have been ready to do that for her; I would do the same for any of my other children. As I write this, I am in her bedroom asking for answers to questions as I read over letters that she left me at different times. I tremble from pain and from anger at the futility of it all. It is so ironic, just a few months ago she and I had a long conversation about life, death, injustice, and the hypocrisy with which she was living through at that time;the pain that her boyfriend and another teen caused her. I remember that I told her: "Look, this flower; it is very pretty and so are you. Neither you nor any one else should cry over someone. You can do better than that." Her answer was: "It is not fairl everything that is happening to me. I hate going to school. I hate the schools here in Andrews. If you don't have money, if you're not the son or daughter of a rich person, if you are not of the right color, and if you are not the teacher's pet then you are nothing. You are left out. And they take away what you once had an what you worked so hard to achieve." I told her that in life nothing was fair; but, but that there was always an answer, and that things had a way of working out. I told her that death was no solution. She smiled at me and said: "Mami, there is no answer in standing up for myself against some people, I was sent to Saturday school. In cheer leading I was taken out even though I used to get up at 4:00 am to get ready to go to practice; then they replaced me with someone who used to miss countless times. But since she was seen as more favorable. Since then my world started crashing. I sure hope Crystal doesn't have to go through this" "It also isn't fair, Mami, all the times you have gone to school asking for help and they don't give it to you. The school does things as it sees fit. It is like my coach said when I lost my place at Nationals and was placed as an alternate, 'I hope it's ok because if not, you can get out. There are several that can take your place.'" "You see, Mami. I am tired of being hurt, tired of constantly coming home crying. I am tired of putting on a happy face and pretending that nothing matters after being hurt countless times. I lock myself in my room so that no one sees my pain." Many saw my daughter; she went through thousands of things, but only I saw her tears, her pain and her disenchantment. Many people contributed to her decision. Even I myself contributed to it because in the beginning when I found the first letters some months back in which she said goodbye, I did ask for help. That person that I reached to for help told me: "I guarantee that she is not going to do anything. She just wants attention." I hope that professional who told me that saw the obituary so that she can see if my daughter is now getting her attention. I wonder if all that is sufficient for that person. If she is paying, maybe she will not give such advice again. Hopefully the school is paying closer attention. Meli with her death, ironic as it is, has saved already more than one life. She has also opened a Pandora's box. Andrews is going to realize that indeed there is a problem in our schools with some of the personnel, some of the leaders, and with our youth. Like Meli said: "If we all dropped the act and the injustice; if instead we worked together, we would change not only Andrews but the entire world." I remember her smiling as she told me: "Why can't we all instead be friends, Mami?" I only hope that through her death others can identify their own feelings. If they too are suffering, hopefully they will not ignore it because the pain will remain. Choosing to ignore problems and pain will not make them go away. The problem will grow each day like a monster. So I ask that everyone help our youth. Don't allow a single young person to die in this manner. Don't let another mother die from pain as she continues living. Right now I am not sure hot to go about living; I sometimes don't want to go on. My life has been changed forever. I feel empty. I am in tears and in pain. I do not wish this on my worst enemy. Right now I should be saving for her Christmas present which was going to be the down payment on her new Avalanche. Instead, I'm saving for her tombstone. I should be seeing that her college applications be sent in on time and not putting flowers at her grave. May God hold my princess in His arms. May He give her peace and the justice that no one here wanted to give her. Melissa's mom, Lupe Flores
By Jen, Sunday, February 22, 2009 05:02:59 PM
I'm being layed off next month, will I be able to keep my house? Jeannie W
By Christia, Saturday, February 21, 2009 01:45:07 PM
Sylvia, Thank you for the work you do! I have always struggled with faith and since I have watched Montel & you I have had God in my life (I also have "If You Could See What I see"),I am a better person and better my self and learn new things about myself every day ty! I know there are great plans for me I feel like I need to help the elderly in some way and I don't know what feild of care that I would do best in Plese help me with this I am stuck!!
By melissa, Wednesday, February 11, 2009 11:08:07 AM
Hi Sylvia; I’ve been asking my angels to give me a sign if this guy Joe likes me and if we’ll become boyfriend/girlfriend in the future, and that he isn’t using me… Im not sure what the sign would be…I asked this a few times… Nothing has happened yet or I would get a text from him… Am I asking it wrong? What do I look for… sorry for all the questions… Im just going crazy and Im going bonkers not knowing.. Sometimes Im so stress I start to cry… On top of that I worry sooo much and I over analyze everthing! I have a strong feeling that he is very interested and will become my bf once he is ready…. Please help me figure out what I need to look for in a sign from the angles… I even asked mother god for help… can u please help me *sigh* Thanks! Love ya lots!!! Melissa
By Nicole, Monday, February 09, 2009 12:37:13 AM
Hi Sylvia; I have so many questions, its had to write just one, but this time I have been wandering what job is out there that is the right job for me? I'm tired of doing customer service in a grocery store; I like helping people, so I wander if, I should try get a job in a hospital or something like that? Thanks; you're the best!
By Nicole, Saturday, February 07, 2009 11:48:30 PM
Hi Sylvia; I was wandering sometimes, I see glitter in both of my hands, what does that mean, do I have healing hands? Thanks you're the best!
By Glenda, Saturday, February 07, 2009 12:46:24 PM
I was sleeping and was dreaming of someone placing a heavy blanket over my head holding me tight in their presence and me screaming out to my husband for help whom was not there..then in seconds it was over i sat up in bed with my Dog jumping over me as if awakening me? I seen this Large Dark Entity of smoke like sunstance roll over me and leave the room as coming from my Dog also? I called on my Angels for protection and then cleanse the Aura in my bedroom, this has happend before but so far so good..I have to watch what I am mentally picturing before I go into second depth of sleep, otherwise I feel strange things in my presence..What is your image of this.
By Debra, Friday, February 06, 2009 02:57:55 PM
Hello Sylvia, Thank you for everything, your a true gift from God. My question, Will I ever be able to afford to move to Nevada to take care of my Father? Kind regards, Debra from San Mateo,Ca
By Anica, Friday, February 06, 2009 01:49:15 PM
Angels are with us all the time. You just have to slow down and listen. Give it another shot. In time, you should be able to feel, sense, and/or hear them.
By Amanda, Thursday, February 05, 2009 12:11:04 AM
will i ever see my two sons that i gave up for adoption in 2003 agian? Rileys mom

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