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What Are Dark Angels?
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Many people are familiar with angelsbut there are also dark angels in our midst. What are dark angels?


Many cultures discuss and define dark angels. According to Christians, dark angels are angels that have been banished from Heaven. These angels have been banished from Heaven for disobeying God in some way. In the Hindu traditions, these dark angels that do the wrong thing do not know right from wrong. But in the Christian tradition, dark angels know right from wrongand they choose to do something that is a bad.


The most popular dark angel is Lucifer. Lucifer was banished from Heaven during the Battle of Heaven and the Fall of Lucifer. God had created the angels and then he created human beings. He asked the angels to care for humankind. Lucifer refused to care for humankind. Lucifer was the first angel to rebel against God. He was the most beautiful angel and envied God so much that he wanted to receive the praise that God received. This story has been told in different ways in different cultures with some minor variations in the tale. In the Bible, it is referred to in the Book of Luke. 

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When Lucifer left Heaven, he took a third of the angels with himand these angels instantly became dark angels. These angels were different types of angels, from the very highest of the high, the Seraphim and the Cherubim, Thrones and Powers, and other angels. They now called Lucifer the Prince of Hell.


Just as people have free will to do good or evil, God has given this ability to the angels as well. The angels that choose to do evil are banished and they become dark angels.


Dark angels should not be confused with the Angel of Death. The Angel of Death comes from God and brings peace and healing. Some who have fears about death may be concerned that a dark angel would come for them or for a loved one at the end of their life. This is very untrue. A loving, healing Angel of Death comes to take you to Heaven.


The dark angel is not loving or healing. Dark angels have no respect for humankind. They spend their time trying to tempt people to do wrong and to encourage wrong-doing. Dark angels do the work of Lucifer.


Some of the most popular dark angels include:


Abaddon in Hebrew his name means "destruction." Abaddon is also part of the underworld where lost souls in some legends are said to lie in fire and snow. This is one of the places in Hell that Moses visited. Abaddon was a Seraphim angel in Heaven. 


Leviathan  in Hebrew this name is a sea monster that translates roughly to mean "whale." Leviathan is thought to be a natural monster that represents chaos. It is extremely large and in stories it eats at least one whale a day. In the story of Jonah and the whale, the whale narrowly escapes being eaten by Leviathan. Leviathan was a Seraphim angel in Heaven.


Beezlebub one translation of his name is "Lord of the Flies" and many pictures of Beezlebub show him as a fly. Beezlebub is considered to be a chief lieutenant of Lucifer and is very high ranking in Hell's hierarchy. Beezlebub has been associated with a number of the seven deadly sins, especially pride and gluttony. Beezlebub was a Cherubim in Heaven.


Gressil  he is also known as Cresil and is the dark angel of impurity and uncleanliness. Gressil was a Throne in Heaven.


Forneus  is also a sea-monster and his name originates from the Latin to translate into "oven." He is a Great Marquis of Hell and has twenty-nine legions of dark angels under his command. He was a Throne in Heaven.

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By Gail, Sunday, June 08, 2008 09:32:25 PM
I would still like to know who wrote this article and placed it on this site. I do not think it belongs here. Gail R.
By Gail, Sunday, June 08, 2008 09:29:49 PM
Thanks Leslie, (my name is Gail not Gloria)but I appreciate your comment. Gail R.
By Leslee, Sunday, June 08, 2008 07:21:37 PM
I totally agree. I think you are blessed with discernment if you can in fact see angels, and such...I wish I could see my spirit guide...and as I said, you did good asking God to never let it happen again. And Gloria, I do not think you meant to offend, and I do not think dear Karen took it that way, did you Karen? God bless you both...
By Gail, Sunday, June 08, 2008 06:29:57 PM
Karen, I hope I did not insult you or your sister in any way as I did not mean to and am so, so sorry if that's how it came across. I just meant what you encountered was definitely evil , just not a dark angel. If you have the gift of discernment or psychic ability you may have been aware of some dark entity at your sister's place.Have you ever seen Sylvia Browne on Montelle? People with pyschic abiliity have had frightening experiences and asked her what to do about them and she tells them to ask God to allow them to experience only the things they can handle that won't scare them.That's what you did on the way home that day, but the fact you see angels or your spirit guide or someone watching and protecting you makes me think that you are indeed blessed with this gift. If you haven't read them, Sylvia's books about this and The Other Side gives really comforting explanations of all this and , yes, your loved who have passed on are watching you and loving you and are very proud of you. God Bless. Gail R.
By Leslee, Sunday, June 08, 2008 03:03:51 PM
Karen, I think your parents ARE very proud of you, and you obviously are a spiritual person or you would not be on this forum...I am glad you and your sis are two probably complement each other...I am glad you asked God to never let it happen again, and by surrounding yourself with God's love and Spirit, you will be safe from negative energies in the future...surround your loved ones with the bubble of protection as well...Thanks for sharing your experience with us!! Love to you all...
By Karen, Sunday, June 08, 2008 02:46:28 PM
Gail, I live 5 minutes from my sister now. I've never been afraid of her or her lifestyle and I know she would never hurt my kids. Call them what you will, SOMETHING was in that apartment that was pure evil. I believe in God the father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Nothing will ever change that. God has seen me through too many trials not to believe in him. However, I often wonder about the people that have gone on before me, like my parents. I often wonder what they think of how my life has turnout since they passed. I know I have an angel watching me, I've seen her/him. But that experience was the scariest thing I've ever encountered and God has answered my pray and not allowed it to happen again. My sister and I see each other at least once a week, go to eat, movies, etc. She is a great person, just lives different than I do.
By Alex, Sunday, June 08, 2008 02:17:42 PM
I've heard of Leviathan and a few of the others, but I had no idea about the existence or mentions of Gressil or Forneus. Lucifer, of course, is infamous and known almost anywhere where Scripture has been read or preached.
By Gail, Sunday, June 08, 2008 12:26:23 PM
karen, your experience sounds terrifying, but as Leslie says, that you shouldn't assume you encountered a dark angel (which I agree does not exist) but possibly some other dark entity. but since you sound like a good , spiritual, possibly religious person and you mention that your sister is the complete opposite, I think there is much more behind your experience, possibly , you were a bit terrified in taking your little daughter into yout sister's environment and what you would encounter there. you were so afraid something bad would happen there, that it did. (Law of Attraction)I don't know, I'm not even close to being an expert concerning these things...just a gut feeling. It happened a long time ago and you asked God not to experience anything like it again. Have you ever been back to visit your sister or do you just keep in touch ay a distance?...Gail R.
By Leslee, Sunday, June 08, 2008 11:54:18 AM
sorry about the double comment!!!
By Leslee, Sunday, June 08, 2008 11:53:44 AM
Karen, that must have been very traumatic for you and yours, but why do you assume it is a "dark angel"? I think it is paradox to believe that angels could be dark...God bless you and yours!!!! Surround yourself in the white light of God's Holy Spirit!!!

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