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Common Dreams
The Meaning of Common Dreams Dreams, interpreting your bad dreams, learn what they mean!  Find out now FREE! There are several different types of common dreams that are shared by everyone. Here is a rundown of the most common ones.

Fear of being caught naked is a common dream. In this type of dream, you are usually caught walking around in a public place like a mall wearing no clothes. In extreme versions of this type of dream, you are onstage. Low self esteem triggers the insecurity symbolizes in these dreams. Being naked in a dream is about feeling vulnerable, laughed at, or humiliated unless it is a sexual dream in which case it may be more about a desire to have sex or a desire to have a lover appreciate your body. Nudity can also symbolize being caught in a lie or off guard.

Another very common dream is the chase dream. If you dream about being chased, it can mean that your problems are really building up in your real life. It can symbolize evasive behavior on your part. You may have trouble dealing with a problem. One key to understanding these dreams is to identify whoever it is that is pursuing you in the dream. In terms of dream movies, these ones can have a flair to them that is as exciting as attending an adventure film.

Another common dream game with the subconscious is the dream that your teeth is falling out. Of course, reality usually wins in this case. Your teeth arenít really falling out. Common dream scenarios include having your teeth crumbling in your hands or your teeth falling out one by one when you touch them lightly. This is a dream about losing the foundation of your beliefs. Your teeth crumble because you believe that your life is crumbling in real life.

Loss of teeth can also mean sexual insecurity in a dream as smiling is used so much in flirting. It can mean fear of getting old or impotence. Sometimes dream pictures actually reveal who it is you are afraid of being humiliated in front of. Your teeth fall out in front of that person in the dream.

Yet another common dream is the one that you are falling. Falling dreams are significant as they can indicate ill health. They also can symbolize a loss of control over situation in your life. According to Freud, a falling dream can also symbolize giving in to a sexual urge.

Failing a test is also a very common dream. Experience the fear of not being accepted, not being prepared, or not being good enough. Dreams of this nature are an indication that you are being judged.

When practicing dream interpretation, it is important to remember that not all dreams mean the same thing for each individual even if the symbol is the same. The main thing that you need to remember is that one should never neglect the importance of your own personal history, which often figures heavily into these dreams.

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By Dartz, Monday, August 11, 2008 09:44:19 PM
Aries, dreams like that are based on your physical state. If you have a lot of toxins in your body, like alcohol and such, then you will have those dreams. Dunno why though, it's strange.
By Aries, Monday, August 11, 2008 08:34:50 PM
Sylvia, Sylvia, Sylvia, she doesn't write the Dream blog. Sheesh. Why no mention of being slowed right down in a dream? It usually comes with Chase dreams.
By lynne, Monday, August 11, 2008 02:33:21 PM
Also, Sylvia In addition to those dreams or astral travels I felt my spirit reenter my body the noise it made was not very loud and my left leg really jerked(moved). That same night I saw an electric aura I believe on the inside of my body. In addition to these 4 strange dreams I had 3 other dreams of loved ones. In two of these other 3 dreams My deceased husband told each of my two sons to "take care of their mother". A total of 7 dreams in one night. I find this strange but exciting. What does it all mean? Is it possible to go to the other side (permanantly) without dying? In your astral travels/dreams. Love you
By lynne, Monday, August 11, 2008 02:19:24 PM
Hi, Sylvia I had a strange dream of the tunnel with the light at the end of it.,in this dream I did not go through it. The same night I dreamt that I believe a deceased loved one on the other side was attempting to pull my 5 year old son over to the other side but I didn't allow that to happen either. All I can say is in the past few days I've been praying to have visits with loved ones on the other side and each time those prayers were answered. What prevented me from going through the tunnel and allowing my son too? Since this was my biggest desire.

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