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Feng Shui For Good Health
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The principles of Feng Shui can be used to promote good health. If you apply aspects of Feng Shui living to your life, you will understand how to maintain health.


Feng Shui is Chinese health care! In ancient times, the Masters would look to the hills and the valleys to find the perfect spot to live. It was after realizing that the human body also consisted of the same elements as the earth that Chinese medicine began to branch out into Feng Shui. Healthy home, healthy people.

The body has a flow within each and every one of us. As defined in Feng Shui, we must keep a balance to create harmony. So let’s look at the elements involved and how to apply Feng Shui secrets to each of them.

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Water is a key to all life and, without it, we are no more. This means plumbing is very important. It’s very important to repair any leaks in your home immediately. Water represents money, so don’t let wash it away. Health and water go hand in hand as keys to Feng Shui living. Close your eyes and think of sitting in a beautiful bath tub filled with water, allowing the stresses of the world to be cleansed from you, and start a process of creating good health.


Air…assure good health and Feng Shui living through air flow. Check those air vents. So many times we do not think of how our air circulates, particularly in homes and apartments, and forget to clean them. Check the windows make sure they can open and shut to properly allowing air flow through the home with an ease.


Our home is also key for Feng Shui living. The more solid the home, the safer we feel. Just think of the three little pigs and all that huffing and puffing. With today’s weather, we must look to our home’s construction. Make sure the house is environmental friendly to create harmony.


Fire…sunshine and light, as well as warmth, are all important. We need the sun to keep our home naturally warm and light. Imagine the sun coming through the window filling the place with energy. See how the plants respond if they are not getting enough sun. You are probably not getting enough either.


Having a home that allows Mother Nature to work with you will insure health and of course happiness. Feng Shui living promotes a healthy life.


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By Darlene, Sunday, July 15, 2012 01:06:53 AM
I'm skeptical about the feng shui influence, because I have some pretty cluttered spots around my home, and my husband really procrastinates on the maintenance issues, but it doesn't really seem to negatively affect my life. However, I REALLY saw an improvement in ALL aspects of my life when I began focusing on 'gratitude' and visualizing the outcomes I hoped for. We don't have a lot, but we do have all we need, and my children's lives are coming together nicely. Our family is unified and happy......who can ask for more?
By susan, Wednesday, January 04, 2012 07:33:14 PM
I am always trying new things for the health problems I have had now I am taking fish oil and Gloclosamine, for my joints since I am 53 yrs old and Have arthritis since I have been about in my teens,all the years of running and falling down as a kid haunts me still even today,in 2007 I had a nasty fall broken my left cheek bone, in 3 different places,luckly a surgeon put me back together again. with PIN,S and a face plate and the cold weather affects that too,!! I need to try Feng Shui, IT CAN'T hurt , It MIGHT even help, time will tell, thanks Lost Angel,
By elaine, Sunday, March 08, 2009 02:52:15 PM
I am 53 years old,very active ,believe in feng shui.My health is a problem.It seems like arthritis in the back,from head to tip of my tail bone.Dr.sees no problem in the different X-rays.If you could help.thanks.elaine.
By sharon, Thursday, March 05, 2009 11:33:36 PM
I have closet doors that are mirrors so how do I improve on this?? My bed faces the south but I am disabled and not able to move anything,with all my friends gone from this town ,but I can fix the dripping faucet in the kitchen tommorrow Thanks for that tip,I look forward to an answer because Life hasn"t been that great lately so some Help is better than none,Sharon
By RoseAnna, Tuesday, March 03, 2009 03:07:38 PM
Help, I need to learn more about Feng Shui, I have too much clutter, I will throw it all away and get back when I can tell you the results!
By Sarah, Sunday, March 01, 2009 07:55:06 AM
Grace, the movement of any water is considered to be cleansing and healing....and therefore of value. The wasting of water (money) is harmful and the good use of water is helpful in many ways both in and of itself as a healing elimient or as money as a mode of achievement wether it be a rule of measure or a means of acquiring. Both fish tanks and a fountains offers offer the gift of tranquility and healing. Carla...give 10% to those who are poorer/needier than you (and I'm sure there are some)and give it with heart....and it will come back to you 10 fold. Take, and all you will get is what you take....but know that it will never be enough God's blessings to all......
By P, Monday, December 15, 2008 10:34:33 AM
For Carla, If you have two hands, two feet, and the ability to learn (not mentally disabled), then get off your rear end and work for your money. Why should anyone give you their hard earned money while you complain that others with more should give you some of it and you do not work to be richer? By the way, the rich are already paying much higher taxes than the poor and part of those higher taxes go to those on welfare and state/federal programs that benefit the poor even those who are ingrateful like you. The purpose of welfare and charity should be a "helping hand" until one gets on their feet again by working and becoming financially independent and paying their share of taxes. So, Carla, in this land or opportunity, where even the incompentent can earn a living, get off your Lazy-Boy chair and start working save to become richer! Then you can be one of the "greedy" bunch and give your money away to the people who are like you now; I am betting that you wouldn't spend a penny extra on someone like you if you were rich.
By Elizabeth, Sunday, September 28, 2008 08:25:09 AM
There is something more than attitude change to Feng Shui. I have had issues with my brother ever since the death of my sister. We had not spokend for close to a year. My faucet in my masterbath had a drip on the cold water side. I thought that shutting off the water to it would take care of things until I could get around to fix it. I had also broken the stopper. I had no concern because there was no water loss. I started to practice Feng Shui and decided that it was time to fix this "broken thing". The guy came with my new faucet, fixed it and left. I went to check his work and take a look at my new faucet and stopper. After I turned the water off, closed the drain and shut the door to the bathroom the phone rang. It was my brother just calling to see how I was. I thought it was freaky. There have been other things around my house that have been happening. For example, I received a check for 45$ from my doctor. I guess they had overcharged me. My fountain in my prosperity area overflowed on its own twice and not due to too much water. I think it is a sign that I am on my way to having more than enough! Get all broken things out of your houses!
By Jill Luanne, Saturday, September 20, 2008 12:45:40 PM
The rich get richer,,because they watch there money and spend wisely,,, the poor just spend there money and want everyone to give to them,,,they smoke and some drink,, I see it all the time,, and I'm not rich,,, I live within my means,,, sometimes...
By Prasanna, Sunday, August 17, 2008 05:42:50 AM
I think so some of the people get messed up hearing about feng shui. It will not bring you money, happiness and everything with ease. You must work hard. You may not get success because of any of your mental attitude or blockage. This helps you in clearing off that. So that you will have a good attitude to work and earn. This is the secret of feng shui.

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