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Prophetic Dreams
Prophetic Dreams Dreams, interpreting your bad dreams, learn what they mean!  Find out now FREE! Ever had a dream come true? No, not an ambition, a life’s goal, or an elusive love captured, not any of those kinds of dreams. Have you ever dreamed something you did not clearly understand, only to witness or hear about it played out in real time? Known as a prophetic dream, a lot of people have had this experience more than they would care to admit. Most will shrink from further investigation. And just as it’s a common thing for someone to spend hours telling friends about a dream that came true or a “cool nightmare.” It’s just as common for the same person to clam up and say nothing following a prophetic dream.

But what if you’ve had this kind of prophetic dream, perhaps more than once, maybe even on several occasions, and you’d like to do something about it? In a prophetic dream, situations are playing out and you’re receiving all the information, yet you have no clear idea why. Wouldn’t you think it might be worth asking a few questions to maybe get a few useful answers behind this phenomenon?

It’s said that everyone carries psychic ability to different degrees. For some, signals and portents are received at a rapid pace, both during and after sleep periods. For others, the ability is blockaded almost completely, only showing itself during deep sleep periods. Receiving information, especially of a distressing nature like an illness or death of someone close, will be especially devastating to the blockaded person. Often the most psychically blockaded people are prone to avoiding the issue and shying away from confrontation with their premonitory abilities, so sudden shifts of this nature can have the effect of shaking up someone very badly.

For those wishing to break the patterns of blockade followed by the blindsiding of prophetic dreams, entering courses in meditation may prove to be a fresh start towards a more open psychic and emotional receptor system. People with a well-managed psychic ability know what it means to “tune in” and “tune out” for real – that is, they are able to manage the psychic process to the point that they lose their fear of a sudden incoming prophecy offensive. However, if you are blockaded, and you begin to make steps to give your unconscious a “tune-up”, it’s very possible that your prophetic dreams, when they occur, will begin to lose their code and symbols and relay clear and concise messages.

All it takes is a step in the right direction. In this case, it is the direction towards a clearer understanding of what lies beneath your conscious thoughts. And who knows? You may stop dreaming altogether. Sometimes no nightmare is a beautiful dream.

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By Angela, Saturday, July 25, 2009 07:35:44 AM
I use to have a reoccuring dream of one of my ex-boyfriends and i partying every time right before he would come back to town. In dec of 1993 i had that dream and knew he was coming to town! Very excited i woke my roommate and told her of the news, about 5 minutes in to the conversation the phone rang, announcing his death that night. shortly after i had a dream of us going out partying again. This time though he had wrote me a poem of how he felt about me! I was so excited and in tears that i wanted him to go read it to my mom. We pulled up to the house and he told me to go read it to her. I could feel him pulling away from me so i asked if he was going to be here when i was done? he looked me dead in the eyes, kissed me and said "it's not your time know that i love you" Reluctantly i went in the house to read the poem to my mom and watched him pull away as i cried in such agony!!!! I've never dreamt of him again. :( Every time a street lamp goes out as i am driving through i am sure to say hello and all my love!
By Angela, Saturday, July 25, 2009 07:13:31 AM
Last year on aug 26th i walked in on my boyfriend (at the time) having oral sex with another girl that i had never seen. The night before i had asked the lord to show me ,let me see it for myself if he was cheating on me. That night i had a dream of my boyfriend and one of his ex-girlfriends having oral sex and myself walking in. Very next day there it was in my face(no pun intended)except it was on the opposite couch and with a complete stranger! Deja vu or an act of GOD???? Either way i still have GOD to thank!
By Bonnie, Saturday, July 25, 2009 04:19:27 AM
In 1979,I was living in Israel. I was reading Robert Monroe's book "Journeys Out Of The Body",and in practicing his suggestions and instructions, I successfully "lifted out" of my body. That's about the time the dreams started. I would dream about plane crashes only to find out the next day that there was a plane crash. This went on for over ten years. This frustrated me because I hadn't enough detail to maybe save someone. I asked God for more detail. The dream I had next was a totally red plane, the first that wasn't on fire, but broken in half and sitting on top of Roosevelt field mall roof. A wing had broken off and fell through the roof, which caught my attention and I dragged my one and a half year old daughter into a side corridor to safety. The mall was one story tall at the time,but in the dream it stood two stories tall. The next day, Avianca's flight to Mexico ran out of gas, fell into the trees in Cove Neck, Long Island, NY, and broke in half! The plane was red. Several years later, they built a second story onto Roosevelt Field Mall in Long Island. Some years after that, while in the process of a divorce, my X planned to take the kids to Florida to visit his folks. Announcing that he bought the plane tickets, I asked him what airline he booked with. He told me "JetAir". That moment, while relaxing on the deck lounge, I suddenly and ferociously leaped to my feet, my arms flayling in the air, histerically screaming at him "cancel the flight! Cancel the flight! Don't get on that plane! CANCEL THE FLIGHT!". I was a madwoman! I didn't know what came over me. My arms couldn't stop moving. He listened. And when he switched to Delta, I calmed right down. The headlines in the newspaper the following morning read something like "JetAir Grounds Ten Planes"! There was an engine fault of somekind. Thank You God !
By kathryn, Thursday, July 23, 2009 11:49:48 PM
I haven't experienced many things psychically or in dreams. But, i was seeing a guy i really liked but never felt real sure of him (it just felt like a lot of things were missing from the realtionship). But I was all in love. Anyway I had this dream about him picking up some girl with long blond hair. I have very short brown hair. Later on (much later) after we had gone our seperate ways i found out he was seeing a girl when he was seeing me (a girl with long blond hair). Maybe this is one of those dreams i should have paid more attention to. Also I should have been more in tune with the things i was feeling (and the intuitive thing i was feeling).
By Margo Denay, Thursday, July 23, 2009 03:25:56 PM
Can someone recommend a good book , course or educational material about this? I went through a period recently where I had all kinds of dreams , one even told me clearly, of people's first and last names stating that they were all people who died the week prior. It was pretty scary at the time. It can be a little frightening trying to decipher what they mean and if and how they are to be followed , and used both in personal life and in others lives. Lateley I am not remembering my dreams again.
By ginger, Thursday, July 23, 2009 01:30:33 PM
I've had several dreams over my lifetime that has come true, one was about the plane that went down in pennsyvania during 911. i had that dream a week before it happened. when i saw the image of the plane burning in the field with trees behind it i got chills it was exactly the same image. only, there were fbi people trying to keep me from videotaping the wreck. then i had a dream that my mother was talking to my grandmother who was dead, in a rose garden sitting on a bench. three weeks later she passed away. i also had one of a nuclear explosion in LA. Which scared the crap out of me, it was so real i was too scared to go back to sleep.
By Lina, Thursday, July 23, 2009 09:01:26 AM
About a 2 months before I even started dating my husband, I had a dream that I was dressing two children in the exact snow suits, and a man that I worked with at the time was in there with me while I was doing this task. For some reason this dream shook me to the core, and stayed with me for about 3 or 4 days. Well, a month after having this dream I started dating this man who later became my husband and we had a set of twin girls. I have never had another dream that was this accurate, but, I do watch for signs, but I do not know what they mean sometimes. I dream in vivid color, and a lot of my dreams are about water. I can relate to most of what I read today. Godspeed to all.
By Michael, Thursday, July 23, 2009 08:44:55 AM
I had one of these while I was awake. Sitting at a traffic light one day, I got a flash of a vision of me in my car wrecked in the middle of the same intersection I was stopped at. As I sat there stunned at what just happened, the light went from red to green and the cars behind me started to sound their horns. Then out of nowhere came a black SUV over the median and went thro the red light and crossed the intersection where I was stopped and crashed into the other side of the median. If I went when the light turned green, it would of smashed into the driver side of my vehicle. Thank God I had that vision. I would of been right in the middle of the accident.
By barbara, Tuesday, March 10, 2009 02:44:25 AM
I was just talking to my nephew about these kinds of dreams.My sis in law told me that I was experiencing deja vu but I knew it wasn't the same.I have had these very vivid dreams about a creek and a long narrow road.All of the colors in my dream are the same and the water is murky and the dirt looked damp on the banks of the creek as if it were slowly soaking up the water.I could even see the same little flickers and ringlets on the surface of the water from the movement of whatever lives under water.I couldn't really explain myself to them but I knew I'd seen it in a dream.We were at a creek out behind my father in law's ranch in Alice,Texas.The weirdest thing was that in my dreams I often wondered why I was even there but I knew it was something troubling and it wasn't for pleasure.We were there because my husband's mother is gravely ill.When we first pulled up to the ranch I'd felt as if I'd already been there and I knew more or less how the newly built house would look on the inside before ever setting foot in it.It was a weird experience but after staying at the house I didn't feel scared or anything I felt at home.I thought I'd feel a little scared because for some reason my husband's mother never really took well to me and I always felt this awful aura about her whenever I was around her.After living under the same roof with her for two of the most unpleasant years of my life,I had often had these dreams of being in her house at the ranch before it had ever been built and she was nowhere in sight.
By Annette, Thursday, October 09, 2008 03:24:32 PM
Hi Angela. Wow. What a dream. I know what you mean about having prophetic dreams about aquaintences or strangers. Wonder why this happens sometimes wondering if there was something I could've done to stop it from happening? I figure that's impossible w/strangers, though.

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