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Joseph Biden: Vice Presidential Astrology
Senator Joseph Biden's Astrology Chart Joseph Biden is the democratic candidate for Vice President in the 2008 election with Presidential candidate Barack Obama. He has been a Delaware senator since 1973 and is known for being one of the youngest senators ever elected. He was born Friday, November 20, 1942 and only thirty years old when he was elected into the senate.

Joe Biden is generally known for being a humane candidate. Most people believe he is compassionate, stemming from losing his wife and children in a car accident years ago. Ironically though, Joe Biden has a very dark chart. It is possible that rumors of an Barack Obama murder plot concocted by this Senator might very well be in the realm of possibility, though it was only a casual joke or remark made by Senator Biden at one point! His chart points to someone who also has a very dark and sarcastic sense of humor. Senator Biden is a major Scorpio and plays his cards very close to his chest.

Like many celebrities, Joe Biden has a stellium (more than three planets in one sign) in his chart. He has four planets in Scorpio, meaning that this is not a man to be messed with. He has the sun, Venus, Mars and Mercury in Scorpio. This line up speaks of pure power, as Scorpios are very good at politics, but they are ruthless when crossed! This many planets in Scorpio would also account for his incredible charisma.  In fact, another person with these exact planets in his chart was Charles Manson, which does make one ponder what might have really gone on with that alleged murder plot accusation.

Joe Biden also has three planets in Leo; this makes him a force to be reckoned with socially and gives him the know how to pull strings. Chiron is also in there, so he is a proud individual as well. Pluto and Saturn are also in this house, but these planets are not in a good position in the seventh house. This might account for the disaster that Joe Biden had with his family. 

Senator Biden's Pluto also opposes two asteroids that symbolize the feminine principle, which is in his first house. The loss of his wife is actually depicted in his first house. Neptune in is eighth house of marriage, which also means that he is still very connected to his wife from The Other Side. Biden appears to have a bit of psychic ability, which also would serve him well in the senate.

One of Senator Biden's saving graces is that his moon is in Taurus, making him very steady and reliable. Biden has also survived a great deal of personal pain and loss with great dignity, so there is no doubt he would make a very honorable and respected statesman should he become elected into The White House.

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By Diana SageSpiritWolf, Monday, January 26, 2009 01:23:37 PM
Oy vey did Rod have an aggressive negative opinion or what?! WOW!! Guess he needed to get that off his chest. I truly do not believe Obama is a God or will right all the wrongs of our country,(no one person can do all that, it takes everyone of us) however I believe he has the intention of the "Greater Good for all". Rather than for the few or for himself. I do not care that he is the first black president or if he truly is a citizen or not, or that his middle name is Hussein (granted the name rubs us Americans the wrong way but that is all it means it's his name,not the Anti-Christ) what I care about is his intentions and my gut tells me he has the best of intentions for this country and it's people. Obama also seems to have a good feminine balance not only his wife and daughters but within himself to weigh and balance fairly what is put before him. I have good positive feelings towards our new president and I think everyone should put aside their prejudices and swallow their fears and give this administration a chance before we start anticipating the worst. That is my opinion on what has been said thus far. Peace, Love & Light....Have a Blessed Day SageSpiritWolf
By Olivia, Monday, January 19, 2009 04:19:17 PM
I wonder when you people are going to wake up?! You act as if Obama is the Messiah! I hate to burst your safety bubbles, but Barack Hussein Flip-Flop Obama IS NOT A GOD!!! He hasn't even been proven to be a true citizen of this country, but because of all you Far Left Liberal Kooks, who just about cream your pants at the mention of his name, that fact was completely ignored, like alot of other issues that would have kept him from being voted in!! It wasn't educated voting that got him the presidency, it was emotional fanaticism and idiocy that is putting Obama in the White House. The man, if you can truly call him that.....more a demon and a soon-to-be thorn in everyones' side than a savior for this country, doesn't even know the first thing about politics and most of all, not about running a country. I just hope you all pull your heads out of where the sun don't shine and start breathing fresh air, again, because Obama's idea of "Real Change" isn't going to be the kind of change that you're all hoping for. I'm not that big of a fan of Bush, either, because of certain issues about his "New World Order" policies and a "North American Union", and the NAFTA Highway, etc., but he did keep this country SAFE for 8 years or so! If Obama does pull us out of this mess....I say MORE POWER TO HIM, BUT, I'm not going to hold my breath, either. He hasn't shown me, or proven to me that he is the man! You voted a boy into the most powerful position in the world, not a MAN. May God have mercy on us all!!!!!!!!! One other point I'd like to make before I quit this forum. You all seem to forget that its been a Liberal Democratic Congress that has been making the rules for the last 2 years and they are the ones that have led us further into this mess. I know you're going to argue the point, but c'mon! Do the math...Bush could only do what his office could allow him to do, which wasn't much, so whos' responsibility do you think this mess is really supposed to fall on? None other than the Liberal Democratic controlled Congress that has been in power for the last two years! BINGO! Wake up, America, dream time is over, its time to wake up and smell the coffee! Thanks for lending your eyeballs. Rod
By Nancey, Monday, January 19, 2009 09:45:12 AM
What was the point of printing this again? I am wondering about this website that it finds any of this negative slant viable or ANY good use to anyone. Maybe the astrologer's anger is too much in the dark side......
By Mary, Monday, January 19, 2009 08:40:38 AM
Certainly Obama is better than what we've had for the last eight years. I believe in Barak Obama. I see so much hope for us now that the Bush era has ended. May God and his angels protect him and his family.
By Pauline, Monday, December 01, 2008 09:54:40 AM
I think this Astrologer was much more obejective than the liberal news media, corporate and political elites were in promoting the Obama campaign. I was not surprised about the Astrological analysis for Joe Biden....he is afterall, part of the " Venomous Snake Pit" in Washington that will soon consume the legal citizens of the late, great America!
By Barbara, Thursday, November 20, 2008 11:10:37 PM
I agree with Carrie and Dianne wholeheartedly regarding this Astrologer. Why doesn't she disclose her name or her nom de plume? If she thinks she is correct in her findings why is she hiding who she is? Yes, I agree, I too have found her to be biased.
By Carrie, Friday, November 14, 2008 06:21:28 PM
I agree with Dianne. This 'writer' is biased and throwing in her personal views, not very professional or psychic...esp. implying Joe would have Obama killed. Please get a life. Carrie
By Ms. Toni, Tuesday, November 04, 2008 01:55:05 AM
It SEEMS that if we all go by what is in these horoscope charts, then we are just taking a chance on anyone of them !!
By sandy, Sunday, November 02, 2008 04:47:50 PM
i find it interesting that noone recognizes the power of the senate and congress. surely you don't suggest that the president makes the rules?queen elizabeth is a remarkable woman but she doesn't run the political side of her country.there is also a proven method of deciding who/what has the calibration to effect change. after millions of years of life on this planet most have not evolved past war, greed, and seperateness, including religion on every continent. politics and judgement go hand in hand, and very little is accomplished by opinions that feed the frenzy.our job here is to govern ourselves so that we are able to bring about change within. we are 99.999% empty space, how you choose to fill the vessel is up to you. truth is a consequence of that which you have become, as our spririt evolves individually, so to will change of every sort. we are responsible for our own actions and perceptions, be guilty of good thoughts for they eventually bring oneness. good luck to our world we can use it!
By Sharon, Sunday, November 02, 2008 07:16:04 AM
By Sharon, Saturday, November 01, 2008 04:10:32 PM What makes me sad is that after all these years, these United States are still not united. It, although is a great country still hoards prejudice as if it was yesterday. We have still not grown as a country of civilized people. The people that have died trying to bring a change to this country. Trying to make a difference for us all. And it still comes down to one race thinking that it is better than the other. What is it about Barrack Obama that scares you. What does black people have to do to make you all see us differently. We as a race of people have been called everything imaginable. We go to college, we get our education. We become productive in society, we pledge allegiance to our flag, we go to war for this country, we also sacrifice our children. We raise our children to be productive in our society. But we are still not good enough to possibly be president of this country. You still want us to be seen and not heard. We have to walk around with the scarlet N on our shoulders. We can not be trusted because we are black. But yet and still we black Americans place our live in the hand of you every single time, its time to re-elect our next president. What more can this man to this country that has not already been done by the none blacks of this country. For 8 years the president has done nothing but run this country into the ground. If you can not see this then you choose to be blind. What are you so afraid of. Are you afraid that he may be able to do something the presidents before him could not do. And what is this calling this man the Anti-CHRIST. We could make this claim about our present president. Look what he as done to this country and still doing before he leaves office. Are you people so blind that you can not see that this man is trying to make it impossible for the next president to be able to fix the mess he is leaving behind. And no the next president may not be able to keep all the promises he is making but I say give Barrack a chance. He can not do any worse for this country that has already been done. So are you trying to say that because he is black is not allowed to make any mistakes. I ask you to look back at all the presidents in the past. What color are they. Yet I have never heard any one say the bad things I hear about this man. I look to GOD and GOD only to supply my needs. If you are looking at these Presidents as GODS, I truly feel sorry for you all. Stop being prejudice. You threaten to kill him if he is elected, all because you believe the White House is just that, only for white presidents. And if a black man should become president then it will be tarnished. We love to speak freedom but who is it free for. Is just free for your kind or is it freedom for us all.

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