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Are You With Soul Mate? Take This Quiz!
Take This Quiz to Find Your True Love Soul Mate Soul Mates and Life Ties!  Past life connections with soul mates, how to get in touch with your past life soul mates. Are you with your true soul mate or is it just a decoy for the real thing for now? Taking this quick quiz can tell you whether or not you are with your one and only soul mate.

1. Our relationship can best be described in one word as...

a. Distant
b. Platonic
c. Fraught with challenges
d. Highly sexual

2. When we met, he or she seemed...

a. Wonderful
b. Absolutely irresistible sexually
c. Like I knew him or her from another life
d. Very fresh and like nobody I have ever met before

3. Others describe us as...

a. A nice couple
b. Meant for each other
c. Two people who complete each otherís sentence
d. Telepathic twins

4. Our sex life is...

a. Non-existent
b. Okay most of the time
c. There is a lot of cuddling
d. Thrilling and daring

5. My biggest fear about my relationship is that...

a. We will run out of money
b. Our children will hate us
c. Our sex life will die out as we age
d. I will wake up one day and he or she will not be beside me

6. My favorite way to spend time with my beloved is...

a. Watching television in bed
b. Doing a hobby we love together
c. Making love
d. Holding hands and gazing into each otherís eyes

7. If you accidentally murdered some, would your lover...

a. Call the police and refuse to ever see you again
b. Call the police but visit you in jail
c. Smuggle a nail file in a cake to you so you can escape from jail
d. Help you bury the body and never tell a soul

8. My soul mate thinks...

a. I donít understand him or her as well as I should
b. I am part of him or her and that everything should be shared
c. That I am perfect as I am and that not a thing should be changed
d. That he or she loves me even if I am not perfect

9. Which of the following situations do the two of you believe could separate the two of you...

a. Infidelity
b. Money problems
c. Death
d. Not even death can separate our souls

10. If we ever broke up I would...

a. Move on as that is always the best course of action
b. Get revenge
c. Do whatever it takes to get him or her back
d. Let her go because I love him or her enough to let them lead their own life

How To Score:

For every "a" that you answer give yourself 1 point.
For every "b" that you answer give yourself 2 points.
For every "c" that you answer give yourself 3 points.
For every "d" that you answer give yourself 4 points.

If you scored 1-10...
You are probably not with your soul mate because your answers were mostly aís. This indicates that your relationship exists on a more pedestrian, sexual plane that is probably more based on looks or owning another person. This is not indicative of a soul mate.

If you scored 11-20...

You have probably met someone who will ďdo for nowĒ but who is not your soul mate. If you answered a lot of aís, bís and cís to get this score, it can mean that you treat this individual like a possession and not like a soul mate.

If you scored 21-30...

You are with someone you are very compatible with but he or she is not likely your soul mate. They are probably part of your personal evolution in terms of karma that will lead you to the one who is absolutely perfect for you in the long run.

If you scored 31 to 40...

It is very possible that you actually have met your soul mate. You love this person enough to let them go. You do not see familiarity with someone as being basis for a soul mate and you understand that the challenges involved with fighting for or accepting your soul mateís flaws are part of the karmic purpose of these relationships.

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By michelle, Tuesday, September 22, 2009 10:09:02 AM
My boyfriend and i are going on 2 and a half years, we scored a 35/or32... F/gemini , M/virgo (one of the questions i had an alternate answer, but didnt know which to choose)...LET ME JUST PUT IT THIS WAY.... My spouse and I are far from perfect, but perfect for each other.. We share very similar goals in life, we both have come to the conclusion we dont want to be without each other... When one of us calls each other, the other ones thinking of them as we're calling. One of us speaks a thought out loud, while the other was thinking the same thing at the same time, it goes much deeper than that... I appriciate having this someone in my life to complete me.
By Geri, Sunday, September 20, 2009 12:32:38 AM
I got 17 my husband is a pisces and I capircorn he is 10 months older than me exactly to the day. We have been married 15yrs now in 2009. he is 50 and I will be 50 in Dec. We kinda knew eachother in School with saying Hi in the hallway but I got married to a guy because I got pregnant at 18 and quit school in my senior year. the father of my child and I were force into marriage on my side. Our divorce was final 9 months after we got married and a few years later he was pleaed guilty for abuse our child during is visitation and spent 10yrs in prison and I never love this person and he was a taruse and four yrs later I got married again to someone who I knew a little in school and I loved him alot and was married 5yrs when we divorce because of his affair with my bestfriend back then. Then I met my husband and in the beginning it was good. We still have some good small talk but intimatcy has been gone for three and a half years. We have been married now 15years and we are distant and watch tv in different rooms and my 30yrs old daughter is living with us to take care of me as I had a couple stroke in 07 and we pay her but I know she has a drug problem and had get her out once for it and then she said he has change but she came back and things were find but I don't trust her when it comes to my pain meds and carried them everywhere I go so she won;t steal them like she did in the past. And we have good times but also alot of arguing with verble abuse name calling. I have many health problems including my stroke, Fibromyalgia/Lupus, no virabra on my L3,L4 and L5. and blood cloting disorder and cannot take blood thinners for it.a fractur tailbone not cureable and anxiety and panic attack. I also have IBS and PTSD from a rape years ago. I have been in counceling. But I feel like I am at the edge and want to leave sometime but can't because of my meds which I have been on for 8yrs and will have withdraws if cut off of it but have been weaning off of my pain pilla. I don't feel love and feel like I don't belong and my hubby lies maybe 85percent of the time even to his doctor. So the trust is gone there. I am spiritual and they are not and that is hard. I live with my illnesses and lightheaded 24/7 and has to use a walker sometimes not to fall this is the reason I am not to be alone. I believe in God alot but I want to find someone who loves me for me and God. I love affection and not having any in over three yrs is really hard on me. I wish some nice man would love to spend time with me. This will be the only way I could leave this marriage as I can't because of my healtha and need the medication also. I just don;t know what to do anymore.Hubby said he doesn't have affairs which I know is true because I know his hours at work even OT. I want to feel love and share a wonderful life with someone. I have a myspace its open to the public myspace dot com forward slash gerimurphy and it well show you my profile. I do care for my family but now and the past couple yrs its not what i want. Please can someone help me? I am spiritual but no longer can drive either because of lightheadedness. I feel very stuck in this relationship and I need to feel needed. My address is gem43us at msn dot com. Thanyou for ewading this and God Bless you all.
By Leslie, Saturday, September 19, 2009 11:54:30 AM
We scored 36! When Peter(Scorpio)and I(Virgo) met, everything about us was so powerful and the energy was very intense. We have been together for 6 years (he swears its longer then this). People watch us and smile and giggle. We are like 2 kids together. He knows the worst things about me and I of him and its ok. He has come to get me, when ever I was lost or in need of him and I have done the same. Actions, not words show the love we have for each other. A smile, a kiss, a touch, and a glance is all we need to know. I once thought Love was all about trying to make someone else happy(hard work). Now that we found each other, its smooth, fun, easy, very freeing, like really great music, and not at all like work. I realize now it's not my "job" to make anyone happy. It's up to me to make myself happy. We can both have nothing but each other and its great! Sharing our life together is a gift. Peter is the best friend I have ever had and I'm ecstatic everyday I wake up. I never thought I could love someone so much and belong perfectly.
By Tracy, Saturday, July 04, 2009 11:19:06 PM
Wow i got a 32 This just proves what i already new, He is Cancer an i am Taurus . We where togeather 22yrs ago and went our seperate ways an 9 yrs ago we found each other agian . I am truly blessed to have him an i love him so , I would be truly lost without him. Thanks
By mary, Thursday, November 20, 2008 09:02:50 PM
i recieved 20 points, marriage is hard work and sometimes people are just not ment to be together and like sylvia says just because he/she is not right for us does not mean they are not right for someone else . we are 2 bulls and it's a struggle been through it all. sex is just not there for me anymore not on the top of my list for him. i have all the passion in the world and wanting romance but the flame has burned out because of all the heart aches. but life keeps going on and i feel ladies and gents out there who are in a relationship who are not happy he/she will come in time you just have to have patience & if you are in a marriage and it's hard to get out for what ever reason there will be a time and place where you can get out and move on :) always have faith. maria
By Samantha, Wednesday, November 19, 2008 02:47:05 PM
Hmm, I got a 15. My husband got a 27. What does this mean?
By Linda, Wednesday, November 19, 2008 11:37:12 AM
I scored 35.He's a Cancer and I'm a Pisces, within 2 years of age of one another. We are in a new relationship built on trust, we are very comfy with one another, and taking it slow. He has a love for the dark side, as I have always had, so it's like finely someone who understands me.
By Beth, Friday, November 14, 2008 09:08:22 PM
Hi ,I'm a lesbian and I have found my soulmate and your test just proved too. Thanks so much I scored a 34 how about them apples.
By Christy, Wednesday, November 12, 2008 03:29:16 PM
I am a lesbian and just scored a 33 with my girlfriend of 1 year.It's only been one year this lifetime (so far), we have spent many lives together and we feel we will be together for as long as we are supposed to be this time.Our love has stood the test of many lifetimes and I am enjoying every minute I have with her right now. Thank you Spirit.
By Britnee, Monday, November 10, 2008 01:30:13 AM
I have been with my partner for five years now. We love each other very much, but we do have our problems. We don't have much of a sex drive, and right now are having a lot of problems with money, as are a lot of people now with the economy as it is. I scored a 29 but she scored a 32. Does this mean that I really am not with her as her soul mate, or is it okay that I scored just below the sould mate line? I'm not really sure on this one.

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