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Are You Finding Love?
How To Find Love and Attract Your Soul Mate Soul Mates and Life Ties!  Past life connections with soul mates, how to get in touch with your past life soul mates.

Feeling as though you couldn’t attract a bee even if you were honey? Can’t find true love in any form? I think we’ve all felt this way at times, but no more! Anyone can develop irresistible attraction, and it has nothing to do with the way you look!! We are all magnetic; we just have to learn how to attract love and the things we want into our lives. It’s simple, especially if we apply the Law of Attraction.


To turn your love life around instantly and create irresistible attraction, keep these three tips in mind:


*To Be a Magnet, You Must Radiate Magnetic Energy


If you think you are lonely and boring, what will you attract? A wet mop if you’re lucky! You need to know how to find love. You’ve got to radiate confidence so that others will be automatically attracted to you. Confidence comes from knowing what you have to offer the world, so take a course in YOU! If you were to find confidence, finding love won’t be far off. This leads to irresistible attraction. We often forget who we are as we get lost in life’s rat race. Spend some time identifying your best qualities, and only focus on them! Your best qualities will expand, and get even better as a result! People will be drawn to you. See it happening every time you enter a room and you will radiate magnetic energy!

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*Love Yourself First


So, if you don’t love you, who will love you? You’ve got to be your best friend, and love the person you are today! Finding love will be much easier. Don’t pick yourself apart or wish your life away.  Be proud of every bit of who you are, and then you can nurture yourself well! The way we see ourselves is the way the world sees us. It just makes sense to think perfect thoughts about ourselves. If we walk into a party and think, “My butt looks big in this, no one will talk to me,” then the signal we’re transmitting is that we want to be left alone. Instead, love your curves, love who you are, and think, “I look fabulous, and I will meet many new people tonight!” I guarantee you’ll spend the night chatting away, and feeling great!


*Live Every Minute


Time going quickly is more than just a cliché. It’s a fact that our lives can pass us by if we don’t really live them. Embrace life, and live it! Do the things you love to do, and you will attract new people into your world all of the time! If you love nature, find places to go for hikes, get out and commune with nature. If you are a writer, buy a journal, grab a pen, and start writing! We spend too much time thinking about the things we wish we were doing, instead of just doing them! People are attracted to those who are authentic, and live their lives with passion. Visualize yourself happy in every experience you have, and you will become irresistible!



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By brown, Friday, December 16, 2016 07:23:00 PM
Am grateful my husband is back, During my time of difficulty and heartbreak i was able to find refuge in the hands of Dr.WISE through his act of spell casting that he was able to bring my lover back within 48 hours, my husband left me and the kids for another woman and he said to me that he just want to be alone for sometime and i was so depress by his words and action but not knowing he did it because of another woman. The first time i read an article about Dr.WISE i was wondering if all the things that i read about were true because a lot of people where testifying about his good work, But since i was desperate to get my lover back i had no choice than to contact him And to my greatest surprise i was able to get a positive result that got me shocked because my lover called me within 48hours that i contacted him. thank you Dr.WISE. contact him via email address: or call his mobile number +2347019845256
By Darlene, Thursday, May 13, 2010 08:22:21 AM
So many negative things have happened in my life, I find it very hard to love myself. The people I love the most either die or disappear from my life. I have no trouble loving someone else, but, myself...a whole different matter.
By nancy, Friday, September 05, 2008 07:44:41 PM
Hi Jenn, Lovely article. I listened to Oprah's live WEB EVENT and that is how I got to learn the computer, it was part of the path I am to take. I learned to navigate the computer in a couple days before that event. Then I got Sylvia Browne's live web cast and these forums of interesting topic. My sweetie came into my life a short time before my X left us. He was an Obama/raced man (YOUNG). My sons were 9 + 11. "R" was like an angel that came out of no where and was who we needed in our lives. We learned together and raised my two sons, then 1-27-2007 He crossed over to the other side. That love can never be recopied. A year be- fore his demise "R" introduced a man (Dark Choc) 6'4" amd he told him all about me and my ittiocinkroces (SP??) and made sure I met him and knew that they were friends and that I had to tell him that his friend my partner of 12 yrs. died at age 45. I call that REAL LOVE when you know in your heart that time is short and you make plans to make sure that we two should meet. Well after a yr. we are still together and we thank my "R" every day for his forsight. That is true love and God brought it when I was ready and needed it. Too many search in all the wrong places and you should just learn to sit still, LOVE YOURSELF and being able to live with yourself, how do you expect someone to live with you when you cannot stand being alone with yourself?? Thanks Jenn, and the world is good even though it is so many evil things going on out there. I trust and believe in Oprah's Web Event and how it can change those lives that are ready to become awakened. Peace!!Nancy L.Bisset
By Sheldon, Thursday, September 04, 2008 10:59:28 PM
Sylvia, I have heard you say that our spiritual goals are to love God, love our neighbors and go home. My question is how do we get to love God? I feel like I don't know if I love God. I say that I do, but I don't have a feeling in my spirit that I do. I know that I love my 8 year old son. I can feel my love for him. How do we feel the love for and from God? I am embarassed to ask this question. I actually feel guilty for asking. How do we let go and let God help us in our lives? I pray constantly. I meditate as best I can. I just feel lost and confused about what's in my spirit.
By Elma, Sunday, August 10, 2008 10:00:26 AM
The one thing most people forget when they are in love or in a relationship is to love themselves. Or at least, to leave something for themselves. While it is a given that when in a relationship, we tend to give more attention to our partners, more considerate of their needs, mindful of the things they want. And often, we take our needs for granted. Believe me, it is the only way to keep sane when things aren't as peachy as we want them to be, or worse, when things go really bad. When we do love ourselves, it projects or bounces off to other people, which makes finding love a little easier.
By Prasanna, Wednesday, July 30, 2008 11:55:17 AM
Having self confidence is a right thing. But it should never turn out to be over confidence. But that may lead you to a failure. so beware of that. Also it must not make you to feel so proud and lose your feet. There are so many negatives of having boasting your self confidence.
By Melvin, Sunday, July 27, 2008 01:19:34 AM
I agree that self confidence is innate and intrinsic among us. But the main point is how you are going to put it into use. It is like something that is needing to be developed and improved. Most people are stuck to having these doubts and being skeptic all throughout their lives.
By Lavern, Friday, July 18, 2008 11:50:05 PM
Well enumerated madame. Think of the ugly duckling, she went up to be the beatiful swan, if I remember right, was that the story all about? I think self-confindence is innate in each everyone of us. Bur sometimes shyness over powers our self-confidence so everytime we try something new there are always hesitations on our part. There are a lot of “what ifs” and “buts”. It says “love yourself first”, I think the is the main essence. We have to love ourself and in return it is much easier to give and share love to others.
By Melvin, Tuesday, July 15, 2008 07:08:44 PM
I like the first point. If you don't love yourself then who else will? It's so funny how many people are looking for love yet they cannot even give themselves the love that they deserve. Living every minute is also great because it helps you understand the importance of your own.
By Prasanna, Friday, July 11, 2008 11:12:08 AM
I think every article posted here is great. This not only gives the laws to attract love but also to live. If the points said here are followed,then for sure our life can be very joyous. Take a course in You is a very powerful sentence. Everyone first should analyse them so that they can understand what they are capable of.

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