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How To Find Your True Soul Mate
How To Find Your True Soul Mate Soul Mates and Life Ties!  Past life connections with soul mates, how to get in touch with your past life soul mates. How do you find your soul mate? Many great sages believe that the best way to find your true soul mate is not to look for them. Eventually, a soul mate will find you. Even stranger, your true soul mate is not always who you think he or she should be. What the universe sends to you in terms of an ideal soul mate is often disappointing to most people because we often get what we need and not what we want.

The Buddha would say that soul mates are teachers. These are people you have known in a previous lifetime who have come back in this lifetime to teach me a lesson. Unfortunately, sometimes it takes several soul mates to teach us just one lesson. Usually, the lesson is about overcoming one of the following negative emotional traits: jealousy, possessiveness, insecurity, controlling behavior, fear of abandonment, fear of rejection, learning to let go or codependency in general. This is supposed to be especially true of those people who are considered to be soul mate reincarnations. They are not always ideal for you. In fact, it is not at all unusual for them to be problematic.

Most people think that they have found their true soul mate just because they feel a strong connection to a person. Unfortunately, that connection may not have anything to do with spirituality at all. It is amazing how easily lust and familiarity can convince us that we are spiritually connected to someone.

As many of us repeat our patterns, the person may just seem familiar, because they remind you of an ex-boyfriend, a parent, or even someone who abused you as a child. For this reason, some sages hate the way the term soul mate is often used by people as an excuse to stay in a relationship where they are clearly being abused. 

There is also Oprah Winfrey's theory about soul mates, which is that "that everybody is your soul mate." In theory, you don't have to have sex with every soul mate you meet. A soul mate can also be a child, a relative, a co-worker or even just a good friend. One of the hazards of getting involved sexually and emotionally with someone who we believe was sent to us by God, or who we think was sent to us as "an angel on Earth," is that we often become over attached to them and have trouble severing the connection.

Notice how anyone you've gotten rid off doesn't qualify as a soul mate, but anyone who dumped you automatically ALWAYS makes the grade? Ironically, you hear most people describe the last person who dumped them as their one and only soul mate. If they were such a great soul mate, then why didn't they stick around to build a future with you? This is why you have to be careful about describing anyone as your true soul mate or the perfect soul mate.

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By ARUP NARAYAN, Monday, December 03, 2012 03:00:55 PM
My name is Arup Narayan Ghosh. Please tell me the name of my soulmate and mention the name of the place and the year when I will meet her.
By Chris, Monday, November 05, 2012 04:55:29 PM
You say,Let the Soul Mate come to you? Well, I have been around many people in my community and all I seem to find are friends? Everytime I try to connect with a person I think would be good for me through eye contact I feel like they are backing away from me? If I don't make real contact visually with a person, I can't tell whether they are sincere or not?
By Carol, Monday, June 14, 2010 08:18:56 AM
The article is right on target because out of the 4 men I had relationships with two dumped me went on to other women but one of them living a very destructive relationship. The other men I ended the relationships because I wasn't feeling them on a level of marriage. I don't play with my emotion or any men in fact. The real soulmate for me was someone I didn't even considered a serious relationship with till late last year. He wanted to marry me and I do feel a higher level of contentment with this man. Too often people say they feel a connection with someone but it doesn't mean anything it could be physical or sexual attraction which is not security for a relationship to last. Physical, sexual, emotional, mentally, spiritually and last not least a six sense is in my book the completion to a stronger connection that is contentment. The man I will be marry to was married to someone else for over 15 years while I had a long term relationship with someone else. Mind you I wasn't even thinking about my soulmate being the one to marry to.
By lin, Monday, December 15, 2008 02:24:27 PM
I was a single mom of 2 for 4years, i was just starting to get myself back on track and felt really good about myself, i met someone in the strangest of places & wanted him to like me right away, i waited a few weeks then had contact with him again, we ended up dating for 3weeks before we even kissed or he met my children, we fulfilled eachothers dreams with all the trust in the world, then we ended up drifting apart because of some habbits that i didnt have the stength to handle, we ended the relationship with respect for eachother & hoped for the best for one another, i met a new man after that & we have been together 4yrs., weve been through alot of challenges & have a child together but i still cannot get the same loving feelings for this man even though he loves me very much, i have talked with my ex & i was surprised to find out that hes been on a life journey & that he feels the same as i do about the realtionship we had & the passions we shared, with my new relationship always on the fence i do desire what i had with my ex & cannot seem to find what im looking for so do i move on?
By Tiffany, Monday, December 08, 2008 09:52:20 AM
I once thought I found my soul mate, but in truth he wasn't it. I do believe he was sent into my life to show me I could love. But love wasn't enough and I did feel something was missing. We're still friends at least though. I now believe there is someone for me out there and I am waiting for him. I also know now that I've had the same soulmate in all my lives. How's that for commitment?
By rosa, Saturday, November 08, 2008 07:57:11 PM
I'm not sure if I've ever found my soul mate but back 25yrs. ago I fell hard for a man that always made me feel complete. We had an unspoken love. We never used those three words "I Love You", until one time and only that time, when we crashed his bike doing 60mph. We felt the love within. We were together for 4yrs. And during those years I always felt wonderful around him and when he would pull into the driveway, I was excited that he was there. We used to listen to music and dance close to one another in my livingroom. We used to go driving into the mountains and talk all day. We always had something to say. Yes the sex was great but the closeness we had was even greater. One day he rode off heading towards Florida. He begged me to go with him but I couldn't I was a single mom of a 5yr. old. Before he left with tears in his eyes he reached for my face and kissed my lips for the last time. And now, after 25 yrs. not looking for love or a soul mate I have once again found that love and connection in a wonderful man who makes me feel like that 23yr. old again. I want to start a wonderful new life with him but two states separate us, my family and my 8 yr. old daughter are between us. I'm so afraid that I will lose my chance at happiness again if I say no. Lost in Love Once Again
By Kathy, Friday, November 07, 2008 09:35:06 PM
My so called soul mate (I had never heard of that term before he said I would forever be his soul mate) totally destroyed me and my heart for many years later. I think my true soul mate(s) are my g'kids and family and true friends. Maybe one day a special guy will fill that place too and share with me my soul family. So far, they have all been doinkers.
By Phyllis, Wednesday, October 15, 2008 12:44:12 PM
I feel our soul mates can be anyone- as we go through life looking for a soul mate - most are still looking for a mate they may not ever think it could be. A soul mate - a mate of the soul. Some where in my spirit I know I do not have a spouse that will be the mate of my soul. But A friend that has been with me through many life times is in fact mt soul mate. God Bless Phyllis King
By portia, Wednesday, October 15, 2008 03:42:24 AM
i have a girl who i thought would be my soul mate but then i was lying to my self,because she is doing things that i should let her go. she thinks she very beautiful among them all. my brother wants me to let her go and i think it is now the right decision i have to take because she is going her on way?? but in the first place i thought she was my true soul mate but with time i have come to a conclusion that we can never be.
By portia, Wednesday, October 15, 2008 03:34:44 AM
i have a girl who i thought would be my soul mate but then i was lying to my self,because she is doing things that i should let her go. she thinks she very beautiful among them all. my brother wants me to let her go and i think it is now the right decision i have to take because she is going her on way??

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