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10 Famous Haunted Houses
Top 10 Haunted Houses in America Psychic Sylvia Browne, World-renowned Psychic Sylvia Browne pictures Haunted houses are a topic of fascination for many people. There’s something about a haunted house that can be deliciously scary and very intriguing. These spook houses exist all across the planet with many being in the United States. Let's examine the 10 most famous haunted houses in America!

Old Slave House

This house in Illinois was used to house slaves, some of whom were kidnapped and forced into servitude and abuse. Eventually closed down, the house reopened as a tourist attraction and it was then that visitors could hear moaning, crying as well as feeling cold spots on their necks and bodies.

The Lemp Mansion

Several members of the Lemp family committed suicide in the house. The Mansion is now a restaurant, where sightings of ghostly apparitions and other uncanny happenings are now commonplace.

The Winchester Mansion

Located in Northern California, The Winchester Mansion was built by Sarah Winchester who was told that the way to communicate with her dead husband and children would be to build a house that would house their spirits. There have been reports of slamming sounds, organ music, and smoky visions of human forms.

The Whaley House

The Whaley House, located in California, has been subject to many mysterious phenomena including doors and windows opening, strange lights appearing, and even apparitions of the Whaley family themselves.

The Myrtles Plantation

The Myrtles Plantation is considered to be one of the most actively haunted places in America! With a history of murder, no less than ten people have died tragically. Ghosts have been captured in photographs, seen playing in the hallways and on the veranda.

The Amityville House

This house of Hollywood fame was haunted as a result of a family's brutal slaughter. Future tenants of the house have said that they suffered from various paranormal phenomena. The Amityville Horror movies still rack up rentals and sales all across the world everyday.

Congelier Mansion

The Congelier Mansion was the home of a husband, wife, and their maid. The wife discovered one day that the husband was having an affair with the maid and proceeded to chop the maid’s head off. Subsequently, noises of the headless maid wailing and crying were heard and eventually an explosion caused the whole structure to be decimated.

Viscilla Ax Murder House

This house was the site of a horrific crime. A family was murdered in their beds and the murders were never solved. They were hacked and chopped by an ax. There have been reports of children’s laughter, falling lamps, odd sounds and other supernatural activities.

John Stone’s Inn

John Stone’s Inn is actually a 164 year old pub that was a hiding place for runaway slaves. People claim to see an apparition of a ten year old girl there regularly. She is believed by some to be the victim of sexual abuse and ultimately murder.

Fall River House

The house in Fall River, Massachusetts is claimed to be haunted by the disgruntled spirits of Lizzy Borden's parents. She killed them there. There are claims of ghostly apparitions seen as well as horribly-painful wailings.

There are many attempts by paranormal researchers to uncover the truths that are hidden in America's haunted houses. The spirits of the dead are with us, and sometimes they need to communicate.

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By sheryl, Saturday, January 19, 2013 09:34:05 AM
Thank you so much for this article and the awesome comments. I have seen "ghosts" since I was about 6 years old. Ghosthunting was a hobby of my parents. I live in a house that is haunted. It is rather awesome though. The spirits come to assist me when I need it and in the most facinating ways. I love music. I have always been involved in music. When I first moved into my 72 year old house I would hear a choir singing every night. This went on for about 5 of the 12 years I have lived here. I have three children that have all experienced the choir, voices, and more. When my children (now grown) would sneak out of the house (they all did several times) they would come back to some paranormal activity. Once they back into their rooms and sit on the chair or bed the chair or bed would lift up and shake horribly. Their friends also experienced this. Needless to say, their sneaking out stopped fairly early. Doors open and shut, lights go off and on (and yes the electrical system was checked and deemed to be fine), light bulbs have even been unscrewed and screwed back on several occassions. There have been days I have gotten up to the smell of breakfast and noone was in the kitchen and noone had cooked. My brother stayed in my house while I was away (3 years ago) and brought his 4 children here. They broke and hid things, stole a couple of items, and more. Well, my ghostly friend shook their beds violently, screwed and unscrewed the dining room lights, moved items , and banged doors until they were frightened so bad that they left in the middle of the night and have not returned to my house.I thanked my spirits for this. I still see my brother from time to time and he said he will never forget the night he stayed at my house. I have many other stories but will say this: Before we were born we were spirit only and then we are born we are spirit and body and when we die we once again return to spirit. We are free to be and to roam in our spirit form. Which also means we can communicate with all who would like to be communicated with. Also, hauntings are not spirits. If you study physics it will tell you the simple answer. And, this is that we are all made up of energy. Energy can be read and is done so often. When you are injuried or in pain the doctors perform mri's and cat scans. Also, mri's have been done on people dying and the spirit can be seen leaving the body due to the spirit has high positive energy. Before and after we die, we return to a spirit form. The spirit form is pure positive energy. There will be no crying, pain, or sworrow after death. What we see in these hauntings are memories of energy. Yes, energy does carry memories on this earth. There are rocks that also carry energy and that is limestone and quarts and crystals. They act like tape and video recorders. The tramatic things we can see is due to this energy held memory. Don't get me wrong, there are spirits all around us. And yes, our dead family and friends and even aquaintances are around us as well. We can choose to see them and we will be able but it has to be a true wanting. They are also here to assist us when needed. Life is grand! And, so if death. We never die...we just keep being around. So, there is no reason to fear death at all. And yes, I communicate with the non bodied folks. Some like my father even plays the trumpet through me. When I cannot play nice I ask Louie armstrong or my dad to enter me and to help me play...and they do. It is an awesome experience for all!
By Bj, Saturday, January 19, 2013 08:37:32 AM
There's not a place in Nawlins (New Orleans) that isn't full of spirits. To say there's only one or two is like counting a flock of birds in flight. Growing up around the Bayou it was nothing to be in the presence of those that had passed on. Some would protect you while others would terrorize you if they felt you were intruding into their space. To this day many of us still depend on those who have watched over us thru the years. When I feel as if my World's falling apart around me all I have to do's sit quietly and somebody will always pick up on my mood and come to console me, whether it be family or stranger who needs to be consoled as well.
By Naomi, Wednesday, September 29, 2010 10:36:07 AM
I used to live in an old haunted house, most likely the first house to be built in Upper Darby, on 11 South Madison Ave, off of West Chester Pike. I haven't lived there for about 10 years going on now, but I was around five years of age when we all as a whole large family moved in, well we needed a large house with ample space to lodge my grandmother, grandfather, aunt uncle, cousin, my sisiter and brother and myself. this was the early sixties don't forget and ghost stories were mostly whispered in the dark when you were kids growing up only trying to scare one another. Little did we know back then how real they can be. That is if you allow them in. It's like the angels and muses and fairies and anything u yourself choose to believe, depsite others protestions that it is just a figment of your over-active imagination. I didn't really begin having experieces with any of them until I was around 12 or 13. And back then I didn't really believe in them. But others in my own family experieiced them to. Hearing certain things, like doors opeing, closing, footfalls where no one was. It was more or less as an adult I had become when I started seeing some. The late rock and roll singer Andy gibb brother to the BEEGEEs was one whom I saw coming to my door and staring at me smilingly and brightly while I had been asleep but awakened by the squeaky squeal of my bedroom door which led from the entryway. I arose somewhat and was shocked to see him. This was recently after he had passed on. He may not have been as cold in his grave then if you know what I mean. And to this very day istill have him visiting me from the other side. I briefly met him a few times at some of his shows, but we never had a real relationship of any sort. But when I had told my grandmother about him coming in my room she didn;t doubt it at all. Instead she said when you told me he looked at you he might have liked you and saw that you liked him too and she said from the other side can they come a whole lot easier. It's always a mystifiying event when I am visited by folks have passed. Why I was the one chosen I do not know. If I had those kind of answers I would be a mutil zillionaire. I guess I should not ponder the ifs and or whys but allow it to be the way it is meant to be. I am too a ghost whisperer.
By Johanna, Wednesday, September 29, 2010 02:55:43 AM
My first experience with a haunted house was when I was 11 yrs. old. I would hear footsteps, sighing and also heard an old broken clock chime on the hour. Four years ago, I was harassed by continuous noises, ghostly apparitions, a lot of smoke but no smell,my mattress felt like there were critters crawling cat felt it too, he would paw at the mattress. I would sit on the couch and feel it moving and I was touched 5 times.I occasionaly heard voices. This went on for 8 months. I had a priest hold a service for The Dead and I would talk to the spirits , telling them that it was time to go to the Other Side and that their families were waiting for them. More important is that I told them that they were dead and that God was welcoming them to The Other Side. I also prayed for them, every night. One morning, I felt my bed being kicked , once, which felt like a giant had kicked the bed. After that, my house was peaceful. I believe that these spirits stay on earth for several reasons....Upon dying, the person does not go up the White Light but prefers to stay earth bound in order to protect their remaining family or the dead person does not feel worthy to cross over the the Other Side. I feel that these poor spirits live in a type of Purgatory and need our prayers to move on. I read all of Sylvia Browne's books and followed her directions I am so grateful for her advice.
By Judy, Wednesday, January 20, 2010 03:33:18 PM
Where exactly are these haunted houses located at??? The names of the cities and states would be great to know. I would love to visit these places but don't know what states or cities they are in. A little more information would be great. Thank you, Judy, from Las Vegas, Nev.USA
By Laurina, Tuesday, October 27, 2009 06:57:11 PM
about these haunted houses, one night years after my father had passed away i was up late reading a scarey book my dog was in his kennel which faced the door to the living room where I was reading my book,and The same time I smelled a man's purfume,the dog started growling,I looked up in doorway and seen nothing then the smell went away and at the same time the dog Stopped growling.A few weeks later I was at walmart and noticed the mens colonge that my dad wore and that was the same smell I smelled that night.
By Laurina, Tuesday, October 27, 2009 06:52:51 PM
hi, i was wondering if anyone knows if my brother was in a accident or run off the road
By Hellen, Monday, June 15, 2009 10:00:46 AM
We went to the Lemp Mansion in St. Louis 2 weeks ago and it was awsome. I never saw so many orbs in one spot. We had shadows, appiritions, cold spots,etc. My oldest son used a recorder and asked questions in which yes he did receive responses. We heard a dog barking in the house, there are no animals in the house. But Charles Lemp did shoot and kill his dog before killing himself. We stayed all night on the 3rd floor which is the most active. Wonderful experience!!
By teea, Monday, June 15, 2009 08:54:12 AM
when my mom was really sick she felt like she was dying some bad infection in her body and she could move or anything i had to help her ,one day or night can't remember no one was home but me ,i was sitting in the living room watching tv and all of a sudden out of the corner of my eye i see a ball of smoke rolling down the hall i'm like oh no the house on fire but there was no smoke smell then i seen three spirits ,angels whatever they was behind the ball of smoke one looked like a women the other looked like men had white robes on .the woman just looked at me and smiled and i was like ok now i'm seeing things ,but i went in my mom's room and sad mom did you see that she was like i knew i wasn't seeing things...everysince then i could sense ghost ,or spirits ..
By Sharon, Thursday, June 11, 2009 01:14:28 PM
Michelle, that sounds like it could very well be your spirit guide, who is always with you. Ask it for it's name..Enjoy

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