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Children And Past Lives
Children And Past Lives Psychic Sylvia Browne, World-renowned Psychic Sylvia Browne pictures by Sylvia Browne

If there's anything that will reassure us of our spirits' survival of death, itís the connection between children and their past lives. Their recall of having been here before is no more remarkable than our recall of what we did last week or last year, and we can learn volumes about them, and about our own eternity, if we simply listen with an open mind and stop dismissing the information they offer as either nonsense or the products of their overactive imaginations. Please don't miss the magic of the children around you, and the timeless wisdom they've brought with them, just because they're small and their vocabularies are limited. You'll be short-changing them and short-changing yourself in the process.

Deborah tells the story of her six-year-old son, Alex, who was mesmerized by trains from the time he was a toddler. One day, as she drove him to school, they stopped at a railroad crossing for a passing train. As the train roared past, Alex, without ever taking his eyes off it, announced, "When I lived with my family in California, they built a railroad to where we lived and my whole family got in the train and we went to New York." Deborah admitted that she might have written that story off to Alex's admittedly vivid imagination -- although it was a stretch -- but the rest of his story left her speechless: "We talked in a Spanish voice in California, but in New York the people didn't like it if we talked in a Spanish voice." When she finally collected herself enough to come up with a response, she asked, "Alex, where was I when you were with your other family?" Without a moment's hesitation he answered, "Oh, Mom, that was while you were still with God."

Some past lives happen within a family. My own Grandma Ada came back into my life in the form of my granddaughter Angelina, and Angelina grew up with clear, accurate memories of being my grandmother. It's not that unusual for kindred spirits to retain family relationships on their coordinated visits to earth, so please don't be surprised if you find yourself on the receiving end of a statement similar to one that Mark reported from his four-year-old daughter, Marilyn, when he presented her with a family heirloom teddy bear: "This is like the one I gave you when I was your mommy, remember, Daddy?" Unfortunately, Mark was too shocked to come up with a reply, but I can't encourage him, and you, enough to pursue those conversations and, above all, start with the assumption that they're absolutely true. I don't care if you say, "What was I like when I was a little boy back then?" or "What else do you remember about being my mommy?" Just open the dialogue, keep it open, and follow the child's lead. You'll learn volumes about your child, not to mention the possibility, as in Mark's case, of learning volumes about yourself as well. Skeptical as you might be, wouldn't you love to hear your child tell you what you were like as a child in a past life?

Both children and adults have cell memory. Cell memory is the total body of knowledge our spirit minds have gathered during our past lives on earth, infused into every cell of our bodies and then reacted to by those cells the moment our spirit enters the fetus shortly before we're born. It's the key to resolving countless health problems, phobias, night terrors, and any number of psychological obstacles a child might need to overcome.

Our bodies are made up of billions of interacting cells. Each of these cells is a living, feeling organism that receives and follows orders in a very literal way from whatever information is transmitted to it by the subconscious mind. It's in the subconscious mind that our spirit minds exist, remembering every moment we've experienced, in this life and every other life we've lived since we were created. The instant our spirit minds enter our physical bodies for a new incarnation, they're flooded with the familiarity of being in a body, and all those memories and sensations from past incarnations come rushing back. Our subconscious minds, on receiving all this new information, promptly infuse it into the billions of cells that make up our bodies, and those cells dutifully respond to that information as their reality. And they continue to react physiologically to all the memories from past lives that our spirit minds infuse them with, whether our conscious minds are aware of those memories or not. By accessing those cell memories and understanding that they're part of lives and deaths we've already moved on from, we can rid ourselves of long-buried illness, phobias, pain, and trauma and give ourselves a clean slate to work with in this new incarnation.

Experiences with unresolved cell memory can appear in both children and adults. Along with being a psychic, I am a master hypnotist and have helped children and adults release cell memories. A few examples from my files of children that I have worked with show that releasing these cell memories is beneficial. One child had extreme claustrophobia who, through hypnosis remembered a past life in which he died in a mining collapse. Another child with a fear of heights remembered dying as the result of a fall from a cliff in Hawaii, where he lay with a broken back waiting for a rescue crew that didn't find him in time. Still another child that I worked with would only consume food and liquids that had been prepared and served while she watched -- the result of a past life poisoning by a greedy son who wanted to hurry along his inheritance.

You can help your child heal from cell memories by using a simple exercise. It doesn't matter how many days or years old the child is. It doesn't matter whether or not they're showing signs of being plagued by cell memories. It only matters that you try this exercise. Be consistent about it, and keep it up until you see results. It might take a week, it might take a month. But it's an investment of less than five minutes of your time that can give your child greater peace, confidence, and potential success throughout their lifetime.

Every night while the child is sound asleep, I want you to sit or kneel beside them quietly enough not to disturb them. In your mind, I want you to completely surround them from head to toe with the most brilliantly glowing white light you can possibly imagine, creating a halo of God's love around every inch of their body.

Keeping your voice in a clear whisper that won't wake the child, I want you to offer them cleansing and healing by speaking to the wise, ancient spirit mind that's housed in that little body and on constant vigil for an acknowledgment that it even exists. Assuringly repeat this prayer, or your own version of it:

Precious child, may all the joy, wisdom and love from your past lives be your constant companions as you make your way through this life. But with God's help, let go of all the pain, fear, illness, and negativity from those lives so that they can be released from you and resolved forever in his pure, healing, sacred white light of the Holy Spirit that surrounds you now and always, like God's unconditional love for you.

If you find it hard to believe that something so easy will work, that's okay. I believe it enough for both of us. I've seen it make a genuine difference in children's physical and emotional health time and time and time again. And on the off chance that I'm right, what do you possibly have to lose by trying?

Understanding and becoming aware of your child's past lives is a wonderful opportunity and a gift. We can learn so much from our childrenís past lives.

Love Always,

Sylvia Browne

Sylvia Browne is without question, "America's #1 Psychic," an internationally known psychic and medium.

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By Barbara, Friday, September 05, 2008 12:03:47 PM
When I was a child, I slept-walked almost every night. I had the same dreams over and over. I am 43 and I can still remember every detail of them. I knew they were dreams and after time I could manipulate them to have a better outcome. One night, when I was 5 or 6 years of age, I was sleeping in a small room in a temporary home we had and I felt a hand on my shoulder. I actually felt it. It wasn't like on of my dreams. I rolled over and saw a tall woman standing over me, her hand still on my shoulder. I was terrified. It seemed so real. She smiled at me and told me that she was my Mother. Knowing that this simply must be a new and more intense dream than I had ever experienced I rolled over towards the wall, eyes squeezed shut and hoped that it would go away. She touched me again. As I turned to her she spoke. She said that she was my mother and that she had been searching for me for a very long time. She said that "they" had taken me away from her when I was very young. She asked me if I would please come back with her. I literally dug my fingernails into the skin on my arm trying to wake myself if this was indeed a dream. Still she stood there gazing at me. I closed my eyes and turned back towards the wall. I told her "No! my mother is asleep in the other room! Go away!" I waited for what seemed like an eternity and then I opened my eyes and turned around. She was no longer there. I got out of bed and ran to my Mom's bed and climbed in with her. That "dream" was never repeated, unlike all of the rest of my dreams that I remember so well. I have always wondered if that woman was indeed my mother in a past life and what would have happened to me if I had said "Yes". Sylvia, it has been my pleasure to watch you on Montel's show. You have a good spirit. God Bless. Barbara Sipe
By shonna, Wednesday, September 03, 2008 01:25:21 PM
i do belive my son has lived many lives.befor he was 1 year old he talked like a inteligent man even had the voice of one. he also talked to ghost at least thats what i belive but never would tell me hed say im talking to no one . i ve never talked with ghost or spirts but see alot of stuff!my child has alot of problems i try to help him but nothing seems to work. he does sleep with lights on and i told him to play his radio at night which always worked for me. and if somethings bothering him and he dont want to deal with it tell it to go into the light or leave you alone.he would some times driving tell you that alot of people got hurt there or we shouldnt leave right now, waite about an hour. the one time i didnt leason to him we were in a bad wreck.time to time ive doen the same. a little voice in my the day my best friend only friend died . i was going to her house befor i came home after work but, we got really bissy in the shop and i had to work later so didnt get to go to her house. and a tornato took her life, but her kids lived in which is how she would have wanted it. can you answer me are they ghost or spirts? what you call them. my mom sees them, my sister sees them, my son sees them, i see but not as much as i did when i was a child , it scared me and asked god to unless i could help them not to let me see them but i still see them some times. and if i decided to use this so called gift how do i learn to under stand do ask god to help me .thank you love you may god watch over you and protect you.
By Lizz, Saturday, August 30, 2008 09:17:52 AM
I lost my 19 y.o. son in 2004 in a violent car crash! I can not go forward and do not know how much longer I can go on without finding out if he is at peace.How can I get my questions answered?? Please tell me how?? I have really been helped by your site.It gives me a place to go when I can't breathe anymore and need someone to talk to. How do I go on without my son?It has ruined my marriage and I really have to work at not smothering my daughter!!Thank-you. Sincerely, Lizz Joffe
By heather, Wednesday, August 27, 2008 11:23:51 PM
By heather, Wednesday, August 27, 2008 11:22:55 PM
hi sylvia i want to find out if my kid was making this up i dought she was cause she was vary younge she ws about 3 years old. my husband passed away almost 4 years ago and i cant get over him but couple days after he passed away my 3 year old was in the bathroom she came out and told me her daddy said she was going to get a bike, i asked her when he told her she said in the bathroom that he was floatin and her grandpa was with him .... was this turn was he talking to her? and if so how come i cant or cant even get a message from him or just any thing i miss him so much i really need to know why he hasent come to me i cant even dream of him plz help me with this thank you so vary much heather leon
By Karen, Tuesday, August 26, 2008 07:29:08 PM
I find this article amazing as usual. I only wish that I had found you Sylvia when my daughter was younger and me too. I love you and thank you for being you.
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