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Sylvia's Archived Articles
Sylvia Browne predictions for 2010, 2011, and beyond.

Sylvia Browne 2013 Predictions

Sylvia Browne shares her predictions on 2010, 2011, and beyond!
Sylvia Browne Suffers Heart Attack

Sylvia Browne Suffers Heart Attack

Famous psychic Sylvia Browne recent suffered a heart attack on March 21, 2011 while on tour in Hawaii.
Sylvia Browne Live, Sylvia Browne Tour

See Sylvia Browne Live - Upcoming Sylvia Browne Tour Dates

See famous TV psychic Sylvia Browne live and in person on her upcoming national Sylvia Browne tour. Check for complete tour dates and ticket information for upcoming Sylvia Browne events.
Meditating With Your Angels

Meditating With The Angels

Many people that contact me are not only interested in angels; they are interested in contacting their angels. In this article, Sylvia Browne taught how you can contact your angels.
How To Deal with Losing A Loved One

How To Deal With The Loss Of A Loved One

Everyone’s grief is relative to them – just as happiness is. In this article, Sylvia Browne discussed how to cope with the death of a loved one.
Adulthood and Old Age by Sylvia Browne

The Sixth and Seventh Levels: Adulthood and Old Age

Adulthood and old age blend into each other. In this article, Sylvia Browne explored how many of the levels of Earthly life merge together before they become more defined and singular.
All About Nostradamus with Sylvia Browne

All About Nostradamus

Should we believe in Nostradamus' prophecies? Sylvia Browne examines the life and times of this legendary prophet.
Sylvia Browne answers your questions

Sylvia Browne Question and Answer

Psychic Sylvia Browne answers questions from readers that have puzzled us all.
The Other Side with Sylvia Browne

The Most Popular Questions About The Other Side

Many people have questions about The Other Side when a loved one, friend, or a beloved pet moves on. Sylvia Browne answers your popular questions about life on The Other Side.
The Angelic Power of the Cherubim & Seraphim

The Angelic Power of the Cherubim & Seraphim

The Cherubim and the Seraphim are known as the most joyous phylum of the many types of angels. Sylvia Browne discusses the importance of these angels.
Sylvia Browne Talks About Family Relationships

The Importance of Family Relationships

Today, on the eve of Mother's Day, I’m going to explore our much deeper relationships – our family.
Lighting Candles

Spiritual Benefits of Lighting Candles

Do you love candles? Many people do! Sylvia Browne discusses the benefits from the spiritual energy that candles possess.
Life on The Other Side

Where We Live On The Other Side

When people start to ask me about The Other Side, they want to know, “Where do we live on The Other Side?”
Psychic Children's Gifts

The Gifts of Psychic Children

Many mothers ask me, "Sylvia, is my child psychic?" Every child is psychic. Psychic gifts in children vary from one child to the next, in a fascinating array of specialties.
Angels: The Powers and The Carrions

The Angelic Force of The Powers And The Carrions

Some may remember that in my book, Life On The Other Side, I wrote about eight phyla of angels. Sylvia Browne discusses the angelic powers.
A More Positive Lifestyle with Sylvia Browne

How To Break Your Negative Patterns To Lead A Positive Life

We’ve all formed patterns and rituals throughout our entire life. Sylvia Browne examines how to break our negative habits to create a positive lifestyle.
Tunnel to The Other Side

My Experience of the Tunnel On The Other Side

People always ask me, "Sylvia, when time comes, how do we get to The Other Side?" Sylvia Browne gives the answer.
Listen to Your Child's Dreams

Children's Dreams: Do You Listen?

What is your first thought when your child wakes up? Sylvia Browne discusses why your child may need to talk about their dreams from the previous night.
Sylvia Browne Talks About Extraterrestrials

Sylvia Browne Talks About Extraterrestrials

One of the most dramatic headlines in 2012 will be the discovery of some mysterious debris in a California/Nevada desert. Sylvia Browne discusses the arrival of extraterrestrials in 2012.
Interview with a Spirit Guide

Interview With A Spirit Guide

Sylvia Browne's Spirit Guide Francine gives answers to questions about her work with Sylvia and answers questions about The Other Side.
The Silver Cord to The Other Side

The Silver Cord: Our Connection to The Other Side

Many people have heard of the tunnel that connects us to The Other Side. Sylvia Browne discusses this Silver Cord.
Spirit Guides in Your Dreams

Spirit Guides In Your Dreams

I have had people ask me about the "stranger" that appears to them with a message in their dreams. Sylvia Browne discusses Spirit Guides in your dreams.
Learn about The Power of Archangels

The Power of Archangels

Many people who are familiar with angels have also heard of the Archangels.
Psychic Children and the Spirit World

What Psychic Children Can Teach Us About The Spirit World

It’s a cliché and an inarguable fact that children are our future. I wish it were equally common knowledge that children are also living, breathing proof of our immortality.
Spirit Guides Who Surround Us

The Spirits Who Visit You

Sylvia Browne answers a member question and discusses the impact of spirits all around.
People On The Other Side

People On The Other Side

Before doing my research, I wasn’t sure what to expect about life on The Other Side. I wondered what people on The Other Side were like. Sylvia Browne explains her findings.
Who is Sylvia Browne

The Legend of Sylvia Browne

Sylvia Browne is without question, "America's #1 Psychic," an internationally known psychic and medium. With her next Web Class tonight, read about The Legend of Sylvia Browne.
Become A Spirit Guide On The Other Side

Your Journey To Becoming A Spirit Guide

Once we get to The Other Side, how can we become a Spirit Guide? Sylvia Browne explains.
Learning On The Other Side

Learning On The Other Side

When the question of living on The Other Side comes up, so many people wonder what they are going to do with their time. Sylvia Browne talks more about life on the other side.
What Does The Other Side Look Like?

What Does The Other Side Look Like?

When people have heard me talk about The Other Side, often they will ask me "Sylvia, what is The Other Side like?"
Meeting Your Spirit Guide

Meeting My Spirit Guide Raheim

Many people have heard me talk about my Spirit Guide Francine. I also have another Spirit Guide named Raheim. Sylvia Browne discusses her relationship with her Spirit Guides.
Ask Your Spirit Guide Questions

Ask Your Spirit Guide Questions

Your Spirit Guide is guiding you and supporting you throughout your life. Get to know your Spirit Guide. Sylvia Browne explains the importance of communicating with your Spirit Guides.
Sylvia Browne Web Class

Sylvia Browne Web Class Tonight

Join Me, Sylvia Browne, for my first Web Class of 2009 on, where I will give away a private psychic reading to a lucky viewer. Get all of the details here.
Sylvia Browne Interprets Your Dreams

What Does My Dream Mean?

A popular question I always hear is, "Sylvia, what do my dreams mean?" People want to know how to understand dreams and dream symbols.
Mystical Traveler

Mystical Traveler

The highest and most advanced spiritual level you can obtain in this life is that of mystical traveler. Sylvia Browne discusses what it's like to be a mystical traveler.
Meeting Your Spirit Guide

Meeting My Spirit Guide Francine

Sylvia Browne explains the day she met her Spirit Guide Francine for the first time.
Sylvia Browne's Psychic Family

Sylvia Browne's Psychic Family

If you know my work, or you've seen me on television, or you've been to one of my lectures, you've heard me say a thousand times that I come from a lineage of psychics that dates back three hundred years.
Life on The Other Side

Being An Orientator On The Other Side

When we arrive on The Other Side, we are greeted by an Orientator. Sylvia Browne explains the importance of this in preparation for Life On The Other Side.
Pets on The Other Side

Is Your Pet On The Other Side?

The loss of a pet can be as devastating as the loss of any friend or family member in your life. Sylvia Browne explains how to find your pet on The Other Side.
Sylvia Browne 2009 Predictions on Economy

Sylvia Browne 2009 Economic Predictions

As we enter 2009, I know so many of you are worried about the economy more than anything. Thankfully, I predict positive changes for the economy in 2009 with improvement coming sooner than most people expect.
Life on The Other Side

On The Other Side Secrets And Answers

When people start to ask me about The Other Side, they often want to know what they will do there. Sylvia Browne answers the question of what is life like on The Other Side?
Understand Prophetic Dreams

The Meaning of Prophetic Dreams

Your psychic mind provides you with valuable impressions while you are sleeping peacefully. The meaning of these prophetic dreams can be powerful.
Attract Abundance and Be Spiritually Rich

Attract Abundance And Be Spiritually Rich

Is there really anything wrong with wanting a comfortable, secure future? Of course not. In these tough economic times, Sylvia Browne teaches you how to attract abundance and be spiritually rich.
Socializing on The Other Side

Socializing On The Other Side

So many people have questions about life on The Other Side. Sylvia Browne discusses what life is like and what fun lies ahead on The Other Side.
The Skull and Bones Society by Sylvia Browne

The Truth About The Skull And Bones Society

The famous "Skull and Bones Society" has been often referred to as "the Brotherhood of Death," "the Order," or just plain "Bones." Sylvia Browne explains the story behind this exclusive group, whose members include the current U.S. President.
Discover Your Past Lives with Sylvia Browne

Discover Your Past Lives

There are many phobias, everyday fears, and incessant worries that don’t relate to this lifetime. Sylvia Browne discusses our past lives and how they impact our present and future.
Sylvia Browne's 2012 prophecies, The End of Days

2012: End of Days?

Sylvia Browne examines the end of the world predictions, the Mayan Calendar, and the 2012 prophecy. What will happen to us?
Sylvia Browne's Favorite Ghost

My Favorite Ghost Story

Sylvia Browne recalls her favorite ghost story, including how she met Montel Williams.
Sylvia Browne Psychic Attacks

Psychic Attacks: Recognizing Them and Banishing Them

Many people ask me, "Sylvia, what can I do during a psychic attack?" I’ve never had so many clients suffering from psychic attacks than I have right now.
Dark Entities Explained by Sylvia Browne

Dark Entitles Explained

It is now time to discuss one of the things I’m most often asked about: the role of dark entities in creation.


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