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Do You Have A Lucky Name?
Is Your Name Lucky? Psychic Sylvia Browne, World-renowned Psychic Sylvia Browne pictures When it comes to numerology and having a lucky name, it might be important to realize that the monikers that will bring good fortune are not necessarily the most popular or contemporary choices.

To be truly lucky, you want the name values in a name for your child to add up to the following numbers:

Number 1 - To produce a leader or achiever. A good number 1 name for a boy is Joseph. Emily and Hannah are good super achiever names for girls. The 1 energy will produce someone who is self sufficient.

Number 2 - To produce someone who is lucky in love. Good contemporary 2 names for boys are Joshua, John, and Jonathan. Names for girls are Sarah and Chloe.

Number 3 - To produce a life that is blessed with fame and recognition of creativity and talent. Names for a boy that add up to 3 are Ethan and James. Madison is a girl’s name that adds up to 3.

Number 8 - To produce a rich and respected life. Natalie is an example of a girl’s name that adds up to an 8. Nathaniel adds up to an 8 for boys.

The other numbers are not as lucky and come with karmic burdens. For instance, a child that is a number 4 may have health problems. A number 5 may never settle down. A number 6 may be tied to family and a 7 may be a genius but too eccentric to be loved. A number 9 name also usually walks a lonely spiritual path that is more in the service of others.

What is interesting is that in 2005, the U.S. Department of Social Security in the United States did a study of what the most popular names were in the country for both boys and girls. It does seem that some of the most popular baby names were quite unlucky.  

For instance, the number one boy’s choice of name in the United States in 2005, happened to be Jacob, which adds up to a 4. In Numerology, the number 4 represents a life full of challenges and yet it is one of the most popular names in the country for males. 

There are also seemed to be a lack of both girl’s and boy’s names that were popular that added put an 8, which would the name that would signify wealth. It seems that parents all over the United States were giving their children names that only destined them to work hard to make their money.

The girls fared much better in the study in terms of having lucky names. The number one most popular name in the country in 2005 was Emily which adds up to a 1. The 1 energy denotes a strong leader.

To give your baby the luckiest name possible, consider combining lucky number combinations in first, second, and third names. For instance, if you wanted to have a girl who becomes rich and famous, you might want to consider calling her Madison (the name is valued at 3 which is for fame) and giving her the second name of Natalie (which has the wealthy number 8 vibration.) This way of choosing lucky names can help you cover all the bases and make sure your child has a good destiny in a couple of areas in life.

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By Sarah, Thursday, December 11, 2008 08:47:08 AM
This appears to be a tease article rather than an instructional article, thus incomplete for learning purposes. It appears not to be written by Sylvia. Perhaps we can look forward to a follow up by Sylvia giving us the full picture. That would be nice.
By Karen, Thursday, December 11, 2008 08:23:27 AM
I totally agree, how are we suppose to figure out what the number is for the names if they don't tell us how?
By Glenda, Thursday, December 11, 2008 07:55:26 AM
I am curious, too. For instance, how does the name, Glenda come out? Thank you.
By Cindy, Thursday, December 11, 2008 05:35:07 AM
I ditto that of how you came to the count Cindy
By Debbie, Thursday, December 11, 2008 03:59:25 AM
I am curious as to how you can figure out what each letter means in order to figure out what number a name is, or if it is even the combination of letters that makes up the name, which makes up the number.

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