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Returning From The Other Side
Returning From The Other Side Psychic Sylvia Browne, World-renowned Psychic Sylvia Browne pictures by Sylvia Browne

“Sylvia, what is The Other Side like?” That’s one of the more popular questions I receive.

The Other Side is quite simply put, a paradise. Everything we could imagine to want or need is there. We are happy, we are cared for. We have no illness or disease. We have no hunger or discomfort. Many would ask, “Why would we choose to return to earth after experiencing this amazing life on The Other Side?”

People return to earth because we each have our own, very unique destiny to fulfill. No one’s destiny is like someone else’s. No one else can do what you must do. Leaving Home (heaven) to return to earth is simply part of our journey to learn our lessons while fulfilling our destiny.

One of the things people come to earth to learn about is negativity. Negativity does not exist on The Other Side. It does exist on earth. Leading a life here people can fight it and at times will win. Beating this negativity is a success for all of humankind.

When you incarnate, you come here with goals and lessons to learn, just as if you were going to school. If you were going to school, you would have a good idea of what you were going to study, you might know some thing about the classes themselves and even a bit about the teacher who was going to be giving the actual lessons. It is the very same here on earth.

There is an Orientation held when someone decides to leave The Other Side. Their first meeting takes place in the Hall of Justice. Typically we sit down with our Spirit Guide and the leader of our Orientation team to go over our life plan. Sometime, questions are raised – Can we learn these lessons without coming back to earth? Can we simply learn our lessons right from The Other Side?

Spirit Guides and Orientation leaders have both incarnated to earth before. They know just how challenging life here on earth can be. So they want us to be aware of what another incarnation will be like before we embark. Every question we have is answered and we answer many questions about this potential journey.

Then, we go to the Orientation room with our Orientation team. Our team will have our Spirit Guide, the Orientation leader and other Orientators. Together, a life chart is created for that incarnation. The person selects a Primary Life Theme and a Secondary Life Theme. These themes create your life purpose. The very detailed chart is gone over by The Council. We then ask The Council for angels to help us during our life. Then we go to The Towers to say goodbye to everyone we love on The Other Side while we are on our journey. Next we incarnate for another wonderful lifetime!

Love always,

Sylvia Browne

P.S. Life on The Other Side is a mystery to so many. My book, Life on The Other Side, answers your urgent questions about exactly what it is like there. Learn all you ever wanted to know about The Other Side!

Sylvia Browne is without question, "America's #1 Psychic," an internationally known psychic and medium.

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By Green, Wednesday, July 30, 2008 08:27:12 AM
That was really interesting to read. I am still one of those who is yet to believe that any human being has gone to the other side seen what everything is like and come back to earth to explain it. I do believe though that a few have seen some bits of the after life perhaps while in a coma and come back. But I do not believe anyone has seen it to the extend that it is explained in the article.
By Phil, Tuesday, July 29, 2008 01:05:28 AM
Dear Sylvia, I feel that the way you explain what it like on the other side is more correct than what the doomday preachers tell us. When I was a little boy I asked my grandmother about coming back from the other side after she died. She told me that she didn't believe that a spirit could come back, mainly because once they were in her words "Heaven" they wouldn't want to return back to this world. I have had several mediums tell me that my grandmother is with me a lot, mostly while I am driving my car. There are so many things that we are becoming aware of now with the otherside. You are right about the veil is thinning between this world and the otherside,this is why were are able to do this. The great thing about this is, that people that I talk to are aware of this happening too.
By Phil, Tuesday, July 29, 2008 12:40:29 AM
Dear Sylvia, I read and listen to you say that you were a teacher in a Cathlic(sp) girls school. Could you tell me why in the teachings of Spirtitualism, Not too many people speak of the Holy spirt or the third part of the trinity. You know, The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost/spirit? The answer to this would mean a lot to me. Thank you for everything that you have given to the public with your books, lectures...Would you please explain this too me? God Bless you! Phil Whitt from Niles, Ohio 44446
By Keely, Monday, July 28, 2008 01:59:51 PM
Sylvia, My grandfather passed a way a couple years ago. I come in contact with him on occasions. Is there anything I can do to come in contact with him more? Thanks Again, Keely
By Dartz, Sunday, July 27, 2008 05:19:17 PM
@Debbie: As far as I know, everyone is equal in Gods eyes, so no. Someone is only as spiritual as they allow themselves to be. Besides, our spirit bodies are freed from imperfections when we pass on.
By Joseph, Sunday, July 27, 2008 11:10:16 AM
I miss my mom and she died thursday the 24th and I need to talk to her. I want her back. Please can you help me I'll do anything to talk to her please help me. I want my mom back
By Debbie, Saturday, July 26, 2008 04:36:07 PM
Dear Sylvia, If a person is born with a birth defect, does that bump him up on the Spiritual ladder? Love, Debbie
By Debbie, Saturday, July 26, 2008 04:34:11 PM
By Pamela, Saturday, July 26, 2008 01:50:05 PM
I read the other side and Love it I have a few question I love childre and Babies now if there is not only a few babie I feel my life will not feel compelt. How will I not miss all childre and babies? and what if you feel it will not be long before I pass to the other side but just don't fell it is real time for me do I get to have a say so in it at all. I feel there is much of the Lords work to be done and I would miss my family so much. Soom times I feel that I will be here until the end. How do I deal with these mixed feeling? Pam Miller
By nancy, Saturday, July 26, 2008 01:48:19 PM
I say that any question that you have on about any subject has been written for us in Sylvia's Books. They are phnominal. When My partner R.Passed 1-27-2007 I knew exactly what to expect and what to do to help my sweetie cross in peace and joy knowing I was going to be by his side until God took him home. He was only 45 and was a veteran, worked hard in life, was an "Obama" race and ME lilty white. My blonde haired, blue eyed boys were raised by him. I robbed the cradle and he still went bfore me. I feel that our charts unfold, when I prayed for my partner I added, "Thy will be done" because I did not know his chart, he had been almost killed 4 other times so this would have been his 5th exit point and would be his last. So I knew that praying such a way he would do what he charted to do, Go HOME. I knew he would hang around If I begged him too, but he would have left his body and floated around with Sylvia because she told us that when their bodies are like this they do not like it and leave and astro travel, I know this is true because the sparkle was not in his eyes and I knew he went out of it. I demanded him to come back into his body so we could say our good byes because I was not leaving Hershey until I got to cross him over, but I needed some time. I had 2 wks and 2 days, and I thank God for Sylvia's wonderful books and personal appearences that I have watched. PAMELA I was touched by your story. I do believe that the message you got in your dream was a suggestion of what you could do. I pray they know of our dear Sylvia, She has shard her gift, you have mentioned her fees, do people even THINK what draining-this energy takes from her body. I bet if we bugged them with some questions over and over after I have written books to help those that do not have the money to get a private read, Sylvia and John Edwards are booked 7-years ahead for readings. People write 3-5 ?'s when it says only 1 on the Web Casts, People are not respectful of her time. She is giving us FREE WEB CASTS and Oh some of the awful requests people demand answers. We are to be living our charts and that means we may not be able to get those answers, because they are some to help us grow better by not knowing. I read-and re-read Sylvia's books they are my visit with her. She stretches herself to so many, I only wish I could HUG her and say a BIG Thankyou. She has told us how to meditate and we can get our own answers. When my partner passed my one son did not get to say good bye, it was a fast hospital trip wee hours in A.M. (Son still at work). After R.Passed son had a visit from R. in a dream, son said," I felt his hug like it was real and he told him "It Would Be Alright" . His favorite saying. It healed him of the loss because He knew from me that that was called a visitation. I thank Sylvia every day and these web sights allow the GOOD to be chosen for her to read and get uplifted. I gave my Crossing my sweetie over story to Sylvia and told her she can put in a book or use at a seminar, whatever. She helped me cope and know that I am following my chart becauase I wondered if I was, she always used the "Does Charles Manson wonder if he is on track?" No because he doesn't give a HOOT. Peace, PAMELA and if your time is short, God be with you because I really can't wait to cross over. I am so weary of how this world is not trusting in God for guidence and the poor choices many have made in our behalf. God Speed!!Nancyl

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