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Sylvia Browne Talks About Extraterrestrials
Sylvia Browne Talks About Extraterrestrials Psychic Sylvia Browne, World-renowned Psychic Sylvia Browne pictures

by Sylvia Browne

One of the most dramatic headlines in 2012 will be the discovery of some mysterious debris in a California/Nevada desert. It will be impossible to tell what the original shape of the large, mangled object was, but the allow it was made of clearly wasn’t manufactured from earthly materials. A group of civilians will come across it and, for a refreshing change of pace, will thoroughly document the event and notify the authorities rather than the tabloids. As a result, the government won’t have the opportunity to “spin” the debris into nonexistence, nor can those who discovered it be accused of trying to perpetuate a fraud by selling their story.

This discovery will occur in conjunction with a series of untraceable signals that will disrupt satellite transmissions and wireless communications throughout the world. And by the end of 2012 or the beginning of 2012, having finally put two and two together, organized groups of explorers, researchers, government agencies, and other experts will undertake formal worldwide expeditions in search of extraterrestrials.

Of course, extraterrestrials have been here for millions of years and they’re here now, calling as little attention to themselves as possible as they contribute to our society through careers that their advanced knowledge make possible. They’re among our most brilliant researchers, space engineers, nuclear physicists, teachers, scientists, judges, social reformers – any pursuit that will leave its mark as indelibly as their collaboration with us on the Great Pyramid and Stonehenge all those centuries ago. Two of them are currently valued employees of NASA, and one of them was a Nobel Prize winner. It’s preposterous to be afraid of extraterrestrials, as science fiction books and movies have encouraged us to be. Let’s face it, they’re so far beyond us technologically that they can easily and routinely travel here from Andromeda, the Pleiades, and other galaxies we aren’t even aware of yet. But we think they don’t have the technology to destroy us in the blink of an eye if that were their purpose for being here?

In about 2018, extraterrestrials will be making our search for them much easier – they’ll begin “outing” themselves, safely and sanely and very much in public, to such organizations as the United Nations, Scotland Yard, NASA, and even a Camp David summit. They’ll step forward by the thousands and willingly subject themselves to a whole battery of psychological and biological tests, confirming that the origins of their various species are not earthly.

By the early 2020’s, we humans will reach an accord with the extraterrestrials in our midst and those still to come. Many of the dramatic advancements in our own space travel will be the direct result of what we’ve learned from the, from the manned Mars exploration in 2012 and the chartered moon junkets in the late 2030’s to the lunar base of the early 2040’s that will become a wildly popular tourist destination.

Let’s face it, we’re not just a part of a global community, we’re also a part of a universal community. Why that seems to frighten some people I have no ideal. Because we earthly residents are the universal version of the “new kids on the block,” we have an infinite wealth of development and spiritual growth to look forward to from our brothers and sisters on other planets when we finally embrace them and start listening.

Sylvia Browne is without question, "America's #1 Psychic," an internationally known psychic and medium.


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By Spurlina, Tuesday, December 11, 2012 01:34:32 AM
Rod Serling certainly would be proud.
By Tam, Tuesday, June 12, 2012 06:32:51 PM
Yet another one of Sylvia's numerous, scripted predcitions. Lies, lies lies....................
By Drew, Monday, April 04, 2011 05:21:54 PM
You have entered The Twilight Zone!
By Sylvia, Wednesday, September 08, 2010 03:26:04 PM
Hello my dear and loyal saps. Oops, I meant my dear and loyal fans and followers. I just want to thank all of you for believing in me even though I'm playing you all for fools. As I once said to that jerk I was married to, Dal, "naive people deserve to be taken advantage of." Yes I've become very wealthy by giving my clients advise that they want to hear. I want to thank dear Montel Williams for devoting so many of his shows to me, and his creative writing staff and producers to trick you into thinking that I was really being a psychic on his show. Now Montel sells juicers on late night TV and sometimes I'm on his informercials giving bogus psychic readings to a group of people taken from an actors guild in a pretend audience. Oh yes, it's great to be so rich. I just love my lavish materialistic lifestyle. Like Montel Iv'e been married so many times. My former hubby's just couldn't accept the fact that I'm so popular and got that way being a scheming, lowdown, dirty scoundrel. I probably would've made a damn good politician! I know that there are a lot of scientists and journalists out these who'll try their best to discredit me, but they've got nothing on me! I'm too rich and famous and admired! Ha, ha, ha! Even though master skeptic James Randi is spot on accurate what he says about me, I'll never lose my appeal because so many ignorant housewives think I'm God! They love me! I'm adored my so many! I only accepted James Randi's challenge to prove my psychic abilites just to shut him up on Larry King's show. I'd never be tested by Randi's scientific testing means, never! He's called my office so many times regarding the million dollar challenge, and wondering when I'd make a date to be tested, that he eventually gave up. The old fool. He'll never get me. I'm too powerful to let a scientist attempt to discredit me! Oh I just love the admiration and attention. Most of all I love the huge cash flow generated by my TV appearances, readings, books, salons, etc. Sure, I'm even a felon, too! Dal and I tried to scam hundreds of people out of hundreds of thousands of dollars in a gold investment scheme during the 80's and 90's. But I got off easy. Had to pay a fine and was on probation for a wee bit of time. I was able to get my "church" up and running. My church is all new age. Based on my own doctrine tailored for the mentally weak, naive folks looking for spiritual refuge. I decided I'd take the devil out of christianity and make God out to be a real buddy-buddy kind of guy. No need for hell and vengeful entities in my church. I thought that it was time to re-write a 2000 year old faith based on my own theory and cunning tactics. Getting back to my profession, I'd like to admit that I get the jollies out of duping folks. The time I told a mother of a missing child that her child was alive and well and would come home soon, only for the mother to find days later that her child was murdered a month prior to my "reading." Well, I made a lot of money on that one; that's all that matters. And the time I claimed a Toy's R Us store was haunted by a farmhand, and I made national TV exposure faking a seance with the "ghost." In fact I was involved with the whole scheme! I was able to bribe the stores' manager so that the toy store could be rigged with thin transparent cables to make bulletin boards sway in the break room and faucet handles in the stores' restrooms to "move" on their own volition. It was a lot of fun. The security guard at the store was in on it too! I don't even believe in ghosts or anything paranormal. I don't even believe in God! I was raised a catholic, that made me an atheist. But I've been "blessed" by using God as a monetary tool. I love to think up new things for my bogus predictions and the fools, I mean my loyal followers, will believe every word of it. My grandmother, Ada, was a fake psychic. She taught me a lot about the spiritualists racket when I was a little girl. Ada had a vast following of people, too! Dr. Michael Shermer, editor of Skeptic Magazine, has said many vile things about me. So everything he said is true?! What the hell do I care?! My loving, adoring fans will never abandon me, never. I'll just sit back and relax downing a two pound box of chocolates and having my pack a day of cigarettes knowing that the cash flow hasn't slowed up yet. Ahh... life is good!
By Randy, Monday, February 08, 2010 05:36:07 PM
You might have been abducted by aliens if you have some of these feelings or experiences; vulnerable feelings at night,fear of hospitals,fear of flying,fear of elevators,animals,insects and sexual contact. Insomnia,fear of the dark,being alone at night,covering windows against intruders,sleeping with the light on (as an adult),strange disturbing dreams and nightmares of being in strange flying craft or bays and enclosures.
By naomi, Friday, June 05, 2009 12:37:47 PM
If you want to know a lot of information about UFO's, Aliens, Unravelling the unexplained cryptic stories of the history. How the government is aware and hiding information about life on other planets. Documentation, Written History, and Written or Vocally Admitting to contact with and Collaborating with Star Beings. How we are connected to Star Beings. And MANY MANY quotes from Historical people; such as Stephen Hawking, Benjamin Franklin, Presidents, Government officials, and Proven Documentation of our contact with Star Beings Throughout History. Read "Shirley Maclaine Sage-ing While Age-ing". This is a must read. Its a real eye opener. We are not alone. And we are in a bigger universe than we are aware of. We are, and always have been in contact with Star Beings. Sources of documentation are listed within the book. And she is well traveled, and spoken with Many Historians, commoners, and people you never would have thought to have asked. But you can't help but be impressed with the detail of research. She has done her homework. That is an understatement. History is not a secret. History explains how, and why we have come to this place in time. And empowers us to change for the better. Want to know what is going on? Educate yourselves, and enjoy the power of knowing.
By carmen, Wednesday, June 03, 2009 04:48:18 PM
I belive this , when I was a little girl I saw something that I knew was not a airplane or a helicoptor in the sky...all was quiet, no sound around, no birds out in the country and this object was going across the sky, slowly....when I went inside to tell my mother and cocum...they didnt belive me but I know what I saw. They do exist......even in my oral hisotry they are present....has to do with the morning star...from my understanding....we are going to be coming to this piont what sylvia mentions...and we as humens need to have that open mind...becasue anything is possibble...and always is possibble. -Carmen.l. S( Alberta)
By Pauline, Saturday, May 09, 2009 11:37:38 PM
What she said is truth, they've been here all along, you have seen them duhhhhhhhhh??? You go Sylvia:)
By Peggy, Monday, May 04, 2009 11:31:47 PM
I too, have been reading Sylvia's books for years and yes, she has said we will see E.T.'s on many occassions. They have been reported, over and over again but the governments and political heads disclaim and further discredit any sightings or meetings. Many have been recorded by people who where there but again, they have been shut down for their views and ridiculed publicly to disclaim them. Why? What is the government covering up? Many important people, and ordinary ones too for that matter, have come forward and talked about sightings and meetings with E.T.'s, and have gotten no where. The govt. is controlling the media. It is painfully obvious that we are not alone in the universe. Do people enjoy being in the dark? I guess some do. I still have faith in Sylvia and myself for that matter. The world needs a wake up call and I hope it is soon.
By evelyn, Wednesday, April 29, 2009 01:42:45 PM
I have been reading Sylvia's books for years. At one point she said that extraterestrials would show themselves in 2008, then it became 2010, and now it is 2012. When they don't show up in the year she predicts, she just moves the time line up. Maybe hoping no will notice? I would guess that she, just like the rest of us, doesn't have a clue.

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