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Sylvia Browne Web Class Tonight
Sylvia Browne Web Class Psychic Sylvia Browne, World-renowned Psychic Sylvia Browne pictures

by Sylvia Browne

By now, I hope all of you reading this blog participated in at least one of my Web Classes in 2008 on I have so enjoyed our times together as we have talked about different spiritual subjects. And with so much going on in the world today, I know that you’ll want to join me for this for my first Web Class of 2009 this Wednesday, January 28th.

2008 brought so many breakthroughs, innovations, joys, and also many unfortunate challenges. Wouldn’t it be ideal to have a "road map" to guide you through the year ahead? I’ll my thoughts on 2009 and also the opportunity for a new beginning. Every New Year offers us the chance to start fresh and anew at life.

If you haven't done so yet, click here to register for my January 28th Web Class. Invite your family and friends to join us for this special event as well. This Web Class will help you plan for 2009 and set the course for the coming year. Gather your loved ones and watch this Web Class to prepare for 2009 together. Access the Web Class beginning at 8:30pm ET by visiting the home page of and clicking on the button to enter. We will start promptly at 9:00pm ET, 8:00pm CT, 7:00pm MT, and 6:00pm PT.

And don't forget that I will pick one lucky viewer for a FREE psychic phone reading with me and will also answer more of your questions than ever before.

I hope you’ll be with me on Wednesday night for this special event. Again, I wish you great happiness, health, wealth and success in all that you do in 2009.

Love Always,

Sylvia Browne

Sylvia Browne is without question, "America's #1 Psychic," an internationally known psychic and medium.


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By michelle, Monday, March 30, 2009 05:38:54 AM
hello sylvia,my name is michelle m. i am asking you for some insight in my life...i have been fighting chid protective services for the last 2 years for the return of my son hunter m he is 6years old.and my life is in utter choas,i need my baby back..could you please give me some insight into what is in store for me and my son thank you from the bottom of my
By Mindy, Friday, March 27, 2009 06:33:26 PM
Hello Sylvia, I am at one of the crossroads in my life. Here is the chance to make decisions to change my life for the better. I know I am the only one who can affect whether I am happy or will go down a road to be miserable. What career should I be looking at to ensure I am stable and will be happy all around? How long will it take to me to acquire this career? Thank you for all you do for others, Lots of Love
By Marilynn, Thursday, March 26, 2009 10:22:35 PM
Hi Sylvia. I am so upset with myself. I have registered everytime for your web classes and I got closer this time. I never can remeber the time here in So. Cal. that it should be going. Please forgive me as I really need to see if my question about my mothers wedding rings was answered. Thank you and love all that you do.
By Pat Caroleo, Thursday, March 26, 2009 10:16:10 PM
Dear Sylvia, I missed your web show on March 26th. I saw the last 5 minutes of it. Is there any way I can see it again. I did sign up for it. Pat
By deb, Thursday, March 26, 2009 09:55:48 PM
I missed the class! How do I know if my question was already answered or not? Is there any way to watch a rebroadcast? Thanks.
By Jan, Thursday, March 26, 2009 03:50:33 PM
will we every have a bigger house had to give up mind because of husbands health will money get better for us love you you are the best jang
By Andrea, Wednesday, March 25, 2009 09:21:22 PM
This is not a good day for me today! I'm pissed I register for this class and I can't seem to get to it! Never Mind!
By amy elizabeth, Wednesday, March 25, 2009 12:36:55 AM
hi my name is amy fant, my b day is 3\14\81. my 7year old only son was killed in a freak accident,may 15,2006.his father dosent allow me to see my sons ashes nor have i ever seen them.i have no whear to visit him all i have r my memorys of him.i would forever be greatfull to you if you could answer my questinons i have about my son ian campbell jr.iwant to know what every mother wants to he ok ,when will he come visit me.its been 2 half years.i just want to say good by and tell hi i love him.not a day goes by i dont think about him
By susan, Tuesday, March 24, 2009 03:19:19 PM
i dont have a web cam ?
By sandy, Monday, March 23, 2009 07:48:51 PM

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