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The 5 Most Common Paranormal Experiences
5 Most Common Paranormal Experiences Psychic Sylvia Browne, World-renowned Psychic Sylvia Browne pictures Paranormal experiences are actually far more normal than most of us think and believe. The prefix "para" means a lot of things simultaneously, but in the case of paranormal experiences, it refers to those experiences which are beyond normal human comprehension or even scientific explanation. Paranormal experiences happen to all types of people all over the world everyday. They have been and will always remain mysterious - sometimes even frightening for those that experience them. In general, humans are made uneasy by anything that challenges their well-set, mundane preconceptions. Let's take a closer look at some of the most commonly-reported paranormal experiences:

Astral Travel:

- Astral travel, or astral projection, is an experience that takes one's essence out of the physical body. This is often referred to as an "Out of Body" experience, or OBE. The essence of your existence, your causal body if you will, separates from your physical body and is set free to travel about. The speed of travel is lightning-fast and the furthest destinations can be reached in a fraction of a second.

- The destinations can also be quite obscure. There are those that report traveling to such places as the pedal of a flower or inside someone else's ear. Once there, they are able to observe and learn of events and facts that they could never have otherwise. Astral projection is also believed by many to be an experience that can be self-induced at will. A form of self-hypnosis is induced and the essence of your being is set free. Of course, spontaneous astral projection requires no catalyst and destinations are not predetermined by the individual. In such cases, it is believed that the causal body is on an unknown, but much needed journey.

Deathbed Messages:

- Many times, people who are the verge of death deliver their final messages to the living that may be near them. They want us to know that they are going to be alright when they pass. They try to offer us a final message of wisdom and something that we can smile about and be happy about when we think of them after their passing. They often come out of seemingly catatonic states to deliver these messages.

- Many times, these deathbed messages seem eerie to the survivors, even scaring them. We are all so perplexed throughout our lives as to what the afterlife holds. Deathbed messages give some understanding to what that may be.


- Ghosts, spirits, apparitions: they have been around us all for all of time - even if we do not "believe" in them. Ghosts are a part of all of our lives. Who can say that they haven't felt unseen eyes upon them? Who can be sure that certain happenings in their lives haven't been directly caused by spirits? Who can say that they have never told or listened to ghost stories with fascination and a wondering mind?

- Poltergeists and other spirit activities are not simply ghost stories told at camp firesides. They are proven, documented, even filmed real life experiences. They are uncommon in the Hollywood style, yet they still surround us always. People are most often too afraid to admit the possibility of a ghost presence near them. People fear what they do not understand. However, there are many who believe and swear by their own very personalized ghost stories.


- NDE, Near Death Experiences are one of the more commonly felt paranormal experiences. Commonly, they involve the individual being drawn towards a centralized, intense light source. They may describe feeling a "magnetic" pull into it. There are many who have been pronounced clinically braindead for several minutes before inexplicably springing back to life. There have been people that have set straight up in their beds after having been taken to a morgue.

- The experience of dying is only fully understood by those who have completed the process. Near death experiences are said to give most who have them a new and more profound understanding of life. They often emerge more appreciative and undergo dramatic personal transformations. They want to maximize the positivity of their remaining life after they have brushed the eternal.

Precognitive Dreams:

- There have been many psychologists throughout history that specialize in the interpretation of our dreams. A dream is the subconsciousness' movie theater. Dreams are said to hold much more power and meaning than they are commonly given credit for. Everyone has dreams, but precognitive dreams are another matter. Many times, people all over the would experience precognitive dreams that give them advance warnings of events that have yet to transpire. Sometimes, they are warnings. Sometimes, they are invitations. Other times, they are providers of information that the dreamers just shouldn't be privy to. There is great power in our dreams. We need to pay attention to them and try to remember them.

Paranormal experiences are quite normal indeed. People worldwide experience these types of events every day. Many people are gifted to be able to not shy away from these experiences. Instead, they embrace them and learn from them. The next time that you feel that you have had a paranormal experience, pay attention and try to decipher exactly what it is trying to tell you about.

You may learn something that is shockingly profound.

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By Claudia, Wednesday, November 19, 2008 10:27:48 PM
Since the age of 2 I've had visions and paranormal experiences. My Mom always was telling me to "ssshhhh" I was confused. I thought everyone was seeing and experiencing life the way I was. 2 years old, standing in my crib in Dr. Denton zip up yellow jammies with an empty bottle of milk. I called Mommie for my bottle and the window shade flew up. I saw the most loving face and loving eyes ever looking at me from the outside of the house. My room was 3 floors up and we were were not near a grown tree nor were their latters. I told my Mom.."I saw G-d" and still was told "ssshhh" 61 years later I was told by my Mother why she believed me...I was never told. In our that age (2) G-d wasn't talked anyone. So, where did I get the name from...and that magnificant loving face surrounded by white...I'll never forget. There have been so many more...only 2 evil (death) experiences...that I hope never to see again. I still see loved ones. Thank you Sylvia. Claudia
By Robin F., Tuesday, November 18, 2008 07:03:00 PM
I have had paranormal experiences since early 2000.I was woken in the middle of the night to see my bedroom full of what looked like fog or smoke.Every inch of my room was engulfed with this matter except for the surrounding of my bed. I got up to turn the light on and it disappeared. 3 weeks after that I was woken again in the night and there was a fog like smoke matter rising at the end of my bed. I watched as it disappeared. Now, I have a few hundred pictures of spirits and orbs in an album and I will write a book about them as soon as I finish researching those places that I have taken the pictures.I have only captured one ghost.For the most part,I have not yet known what the message is for me.But,it seems that no matter where I go in this country, they give me the opportunity to receive their presence on film...and I always thank them.
By rose, Monday, November 17, 2008 08:07:18 PM
in my early thirties while attending educational confrence, i woke up from a nap and felt as if i were looking and feeling some presence within me.i felt such peace, love, beyond discription. i wish i could feel like that forever. it felt like heaven. peace and love rose
By kathleen, Friday, November 14, 2008 02:32:39 PM
i used to dream in color,but since my moms death i can't dream,my green thumb is gone......... i'm broken.............kat
By Karen, Thursday, November 13, 2008 11:47:39 PM
I have had the dreams that come true all my life. I am an empath & recieve interesting impressions from others. I'm just slightly freaked out by my locked door being wide open last night at 3:00AM, locked from the inside, no one else has the key. Not sure if it was a visitor or not. Enjoy your learning, friends!
By Showana, Thursday, November 13, 2008 09:53:44 AM
God is Amazing! I had a dream where I was in heaven, where there were portals/window with lights that came from them. I was sitting at a table folding white towels and there where other people there. I could not make out there faces but I could hear them talking(like when you are in a crowded room).There was a lady in a blue western outfit, pale skin. This is my spirit guide, I call her Sarah. She was observing me as she walked among these people. Then a very tall asian man dressed in all gold comes from the left. He walks in front of the table I was sitting at; comes around and tells me I am doing a good job (he never moved his mouth but I heard him say this)and kisses me on the forehead (my charkra/loctus).This is my angel he is a principality.(the highest level of angels). I chose him to be with me when I wrote my chart. Then he just walked away, as I was trying to see where he went, These portals/window got my attend. I wanted to know what where they and what was inside. As I started to get up to move toward these windows. My spirit guide grab me and I could really feel her arm. It was like it was really happening and not like a dream at all. I woke up and sat straight up and it was so intense and it felt so real. The colors where so vivid and I usually can't remember everything I dream about. I didn't forget anything. I know that this was a personally message from GOD. I have been going through some trying times. I am trying to connect more to my spiritually side and to get a deeper understanding of god love. I felt empowered. That everything was going to be alright. I talked to my angel every day. Even though I can't see him. I know he is there; I see little flashes of light that are very fast. This experience gave me hope. And reassurance that I am on the right track. Beleive in God and never give up because he is always there. His love endures forever. God Bless!!!!!! Showana Cole
By sarah, Sunday, November 09, 2008 05:14:23 PM
Recently, I had a dream that I was in New York City with a friend. We spontainously decided to go to Miami. Within a heartbeat we were down there. I had trouble keeping up with him and experienced weird situations like a bus full of people that were all dirty and poor begging for a handout. I decided to fly up to boston to meet up with other friends. When I was leaving, I was traveling in the wrong direction and was 200 miles North of Cuba. I remember turning around and skidding across the water. I had to make a wide turn and the water rippled forcefully from the speed at which I was turning. The moon reflected off the water and casted a dark blue shadow over the sky.
By rachelle, Sunday, November 09, 2008 04:17:57 AM
a couple of years ago I had a dream,I realized later that she was one of my spirit guides,that a women told me about 20 yrs earlier. She was a rainbow child that was 3 ft tall with long golden hair & she took me to all these majestic places like you would see in a fairy tale books. then she took me to some water falls & said where we going next ma lady & I woke up. then I realized that Mame had told me that her name is Emalene RStar
By jennifer, Tuesday, November 04, 2008 10:05:13 PM
I have experienced 2 deathbed messages and asked God to take that "gift" away from me. Not one of my favorites. Other than that I have had countless spirit (not ghost) experiences. And one of my precognitive dreams was about 6 months before 9/11.... although it wasn't a dream.... more like a vision. I was watching tv when I saw the map of the united states appear on the television screen with little red dots all over (red dots represented fear). Everyone was in complete panick. We were told we were under attack. Then the vision went away. 6 months later..... 9/11.
By DEB, Saturday, November 01, 2008 10:47:06 AM
I, also, have a 'being' that I feel has followed me thru my lifetime..It began with my mother and caused her to do great harm to her family and herself..I also see it in my husband..And my mother is dying now but I can see it flailing in her dying body.I belive that this 'thing' is called 'Legion' (because there are many of them) and it is a vile, vicious,hateful creature..Now that I 'see it' I want to banish it from my life.I want to free my husband, and free my mother before she passes,so God can show her mercy..It has always been a battle and although it cant be 'seen' it causes havock in my life.It constantly brings the wrong people into my life, that it can attatch to,and cause more pain.. I dont think it can 'attach' to me, for some reason, but it is always around me in others and now I can actually see it in their eyes. I hadnt seen my mom in 25 years, and in her death struggle, her children 'came back' ,and this thing is not happy at all.I want to be free of this thing and I need help..I'm 50 now and totally sick of this being and it's influence..

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