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The 5 Most Common Paranormal Experiences
5 Most Common Paranormal Experiences Psychic Sylvia Browne, World-renowned Psychic Sylvia Browne pictures Paranormal experiences are actually far more normal than most of us think and believe. The prefix "para" means a lot of things simultaneously, but in the case of paranormal experiences, it refers to those experiences which are beyond normal human comprehension or even scientific explanation. Paranormal experiences happen to all types of people all over the world everyday. They have been and will always remain mysterious - sometimes even frightening for those that experience them. In general, humans are made uneasy by anything that challenges their well-set, mundane preconceptions. Let's take a closer look at some of the most commonly-reported paranormal experiences:

Astral Travel:

- Astral travel, or astral projection, is an experience that takes one's essence out of the physical body. This is often referred to as an "Out of Body" experience, or OBE. The essence of your existence, your causal body if you will, separates from your physical body and is set free to travel about. The speed of travel is lightning-fast and the furthest destinations can be reached in a fraction of a second.

- The destinations can also be quite obscure. There are those that report traveling to such places as the pedal of a flower or inside someone else's ear. Once there, they are able to observe and learn of events and facts that they could never have otherwise. Astral projection is also believed by many to be an experience that can be self-induced at will. A form of self-hypnosis is induced and the essence of your being is set free. Of course, spontaneous astral projection requires no catalyst and destinations are not predetermined by the individual. In such cases, it is believed that the causal body is on an unknown, but much needed journey.

Deathbed Messages:

- Many times, people who are the verge of death deliver their final messages to the living that may be near them. They want us to know that they are going to be alright when they pass. They try to offer us a final message of wisdom and something that we can smile about and be happy about when we think of them after their passing. They often come out of seemingly catatonic states to deliver these messages.

- Many times, these deathbed messages seem eerie to the survivors, even scaring them. We are all so perplexed throughout our lives as to what the afterlife holds. Deathbed messages give some understanding to what that may be.


- Ghosts, spirits, apparitions: they have been around us all for all of time - even if we do not "believe" in them. Ghosts are a part of all of our lives. Who can say that they haven't felt unseen eyes upon them? Who can be sure that certain happenings in their lives haven't been directly caused by spirits? Who can say that they have never told or listened to ghost stories with fascination and a wondering mind?

- Poltergeists and other spirit activities are not simply ghost stories told at camp firesides. They are proven, documented, even filmed real life experiences. They are uncommon in the Hollywood style, yet they still surround us always. People are most often too afraid to admit the possibility of a ghost presence near them. People fear what they do not understand. However, there are many who believe and swear by their own very personalized ghost stories.


- NDE, Near Death Experiences are one of the more commonly felt paranormal experiences. Commonly, they involve the individual being drawn towards a centralized, intense light source. They may describe feeling a "magnetic" pull into it. There are many who have been pronounced clinically braindead for several minutes before inexplicably springing back to life. There have been people that have set straight up in their beds after having been taken to a morgue.

- The experience of dying is only fully understood by those who have completed the process. Near death experiences are said to give most who have them a new and more profound understanding of life. They often emerge more appreciative and undergo dramatic personal transformations. They want to maximize the positivity of their remaining life after they have brushed the eternal.

Precognitive Dreams:

- There have been many psychologists throughout history that specialize in the interpretation of our dreams. A dream is the subconsciousness' movie theater. Dreams are said to hold much more power and meaning than they are commonly given credit for. Everyone has dreams, but precognitive dreams are another matter. Many times, people all over the would experience precognitive dreams that give them advance warnings of events that have yet to transpire. Sometimes, they are warnings. Sometimes, they are invitations. Other times, they are providers of information that the dreamers just shouldn't be privy to. There is great power in our dreams. We need to pay attention to them and try to remember them.

Paranormal experiences are quite normal indeed. People worldwide experience these types of events every day. Many people are gifted to be able to not shy away from these experiences. Instead, they embrace them and learn from them. The next time that you feel that you have had a paranormal experience, pay attention and try to decipher exactly what it is trying to tell you about.

You may learn something that is shockingly profound.

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By Barbara, Friday, November 13, 2009 05:21:19 PM
By Kimberly, Friday, November 13, 2009 04:50:47 PM
who are all these people that are talking crap about Sylvia Browne??? She has talked about her past and how it hasnt been perfect. Because she is a psychic is she supposed to be perfect? Earth is far from a perfect place, but if you can see the positive and see that she has helped so VERY MANY people! What is wrong with all of you? Stop running people down and expecting perfection, because it doesnt exhist in this world. We are here to make a difference, to help others. Try to focus on that!
By Sue, Tuesday, October 20, 2009 02:59:37 PM
Dear Karl, I reread your comment and I didn't relise you said in 82 it happened. I too researched Sylvia and I was very upset learning that she isn't that good as she comes across. She promised everyone here at SpiritNow that she would always be here and now she isn't ever coming back. It's probably has to do with money. But there is so many others out there helping others and proof of the paranormal. I think its Bullcrap that her son is the only other pcychic she would ever recomend because he's mean.So I apologise for going off on you and your prob right. God Bless
By Sue, Monday, October 12, 2009 08:20:55 PM
Dear Karl, Wtf would her son be guarding a fing Toy store? He would be affiliated with her business not the store. You should get another paranormal researcher to go in the store and check it out. I know Sylvia is a little shady but she has brought alot of hope to people and I thank her for that. I would never pay a dime for her so called readings or salons or whatever. I believe in life after death and ghosts and so on...theres tons and tons of proof out there so keep looking. God Bless
By Carl, Sunday, October 04, 2009 06:48:02 AM
Anybody here familiar with the "haunted" toy store, Toys R Us in Sunnyvale California? Back in 1982 my two brothers and I decided to drive into the parking lot of Toys R Us. This was about 10:00 PM, the store was closed and black inside. Even the parking lot was dimly lit. So we get out of the car and walk up to the Toys R Us Store. Nothing unusual happened except the store's "the store will be closing in 15 minutes" recording played intermitently and a couple of times at half speed. OK, I thought that was kind of weird. About ten minutes later a car pulls up with four young people that drown up from Los Angeles just to see the "haunted" toy store. They were friendly people who obviously expressed interest in the paranormal. The recording that was playing in the store stopped, and no sooner does this mid 70's Dodge Coronet come screeching around the corner from the back of the building! It was a security guard. A very, very, arrogant and rude security guard. He gets out of his car and barks, "you people get off of this properety now or I'm calling the police!" Now heres the really interesting part. The jerk guard's name tag said Paul on it. One of the young college kid's that was in the car from Los Angeles said, "are you Paul Dufres,(spelling of Dufres?)Sylvia Browne's son? The guard said, "I don't have to tell you my name!" "Now get off this property or I'm calling the cops!" The guard gets back into his car, picks up his radio and no sooner did we leave and the college kid's from Los Angeles, did a Sunnyvale police car pull into the parking lot! The guard was a spitting image of Sylvia's son Paul! Sylvia used to live in Sunnyvale, California and Sylvia has written books with a heavy influence in bay area history! The next day my brother called Toys R Us and complained about the rude guard and wanted to know his name. The store didn't know the name of the guard since the security agency was contracted out to Toys R Us. Next my brother contacted the security agency. Thy wouldn't devulge any information about their personel. All that could be done was to give the guards name to his supervisor regarding his nasty attitude. So, was this Sylvia's son Paul who was the real "ghost" concocting all of those stunts just for the benefit of his mother? Hmmmm....... Like I said Sylvia has access to lots of history of the bay area and reading about Johnny who bled to death on the Toys R Us property in the 1880's picqued Sylvia's mind as a great publicity stunt to sensationalize. I've done research about Sylvia and find her to be as genuine as a three dollar bill. Even her past three husbands said they couldn't be married to such a dishonest, ill tempered, mentally ill woman. Her ex-husband, Dal, said in an interview I believe in Skeptics Magazine, that she has this system and it's a most troubling and dishonest one. One that could get somebody years in prison for extortion and fraud! Too bad Sylvia..............
By Sue, Monday, August 31, 2009 06:50:33 PM
Dear Alma, Hi My name is Sue and I want to help you find help...There's a webcast San Fransisco Ghost Society and you log on to the networking section and there will be a map of the USA and then you log onto the state your in and there will be a paranormal research team in your area that you should contact for help. Try that and let me know if they come help you. In the mean time surround yourself with the white light of the holy spirit to protect yourself ok? God Bless
By alma, Saturday, July 25, 2009 09:41:13 PM
I need help who keep openning my back door the last time was this Thursday the 23 of this month . It open at 3:01 in the morning .there is nobody outside except for my dogs. Did someone goes out or in , please I need your help.
By alma, Tuesday, July 07, 2009 01:44:09 PM
I keep seeing spirits or ghosts at my house sometimes during day time or night time how can I find out if they need help or what they want the last time a saw was a black tall shawdow ( I know is a man) it was about 11:30 am I was sitting down watching tv and I saw him going from one room to the other room .the weird thing is that I FEEL SAFE and I dont want to move. need help finding anwers.
By lynn, Saturday, June 06, 2009 04:56:17 PM
Hi Everyone and thank to the people that wrote me About my friend i know longer live there because the guy my friend was seeing was doing drugs and did not want to put my family in danger i don't believe my friend killed her self because my son when she came across the t.v that night and the question my son asked her to read his mind because he could talk to her like that and she did and she told us her boyfriend did it and wanted us to keep her child and to call the cops and at the end we could not under stand she was trying to say something but i feel there more to this than meet the eye because when my son closed his eyes and she took him to her house were everything went on my son was out for about 10 to 15 min and when he came to he said mom your not going to like what i am about to tell you my sprite left my body and i went with my friend and it was like my Friend was in my body and she showed me everything and it was like looking throw her eyes he said she showed him everything how she was drugged and how her boyfriend at the time walked down the hall and was laughing and turned the light off and shot her in her head and she laid on the floor he left and than came back this is what she was saying so what she was trying to get to my son was the boy friend killed her but she said she made haven her home if the come to my son he can talk to them but he dose not know how to tune them in he is 14 he has had this since a child they never flagged the house or nothing hey told the boyfriend to clean it up and get read of everything so now there no evidence but i know one thing if he did this he dose not belong with there child so what i was trying to get at if someone could tell me if he has done this and the cops there only think your crazy this is why i was trying to get some help from someone on here thank you so much i hope someone can help maybe someone can contact her and she could tell them more thank you
By Sue, Friday, June 05, 2009 01:44:49 PM
Dear Lynn, there are lots of psychics that can help you and are affiliated with the police departments...Barbara Mackey has a web...I hope you find what your looking for and help keep that little girl safe. I hope I helped ina small way. God Bless you

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