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The Gifts of Psychic Children
Psychic Children's Gifts Psychic Sylvia Browne, World-renowned Psychic Sylvia Browne pictures

by Sylvia Browne

Every child is psychic. Psychic gifts in children vary from one child to the next, in a fascinating array of specialties. It's exactly the same as a child born athletically gifted, who might be a natural on the basketball court or football field but never quite gets the hang of skiing or golf, or a child born with great artistic talent who excels at watercolor and oil paintings without showing any particular flair at sculpture; or a musically gifted child whose a genius on the piano or as a composer but hopeless at stringed or wind instruments. Similarly, one psychic child might be brilliant at predictions without being especially clairvoyant (able to see beings and objects from other dimensions). Another might be able to hold a physical object and sense an uncanny amount of information about the object's owner and yet have no skill at predicting the future. Our God-given talents are all valuable. The specific ways in which they do and don't manifest themselves are just part of what makes each of us, and most certainly each of our child, so magnificently unique.

Some children have the gift of prophecy. Depending on your upbringing, culture, and religion, chances are that your mental stereotype of a prophet is either an ancient bearded man in robes or a woman in a turban and caftan hunched over a crystal ball. So when a child blurts out what reveals itself to be an accurate prediction of a future event -- which is the definition of prophecy -- it can be a shock, let's face it. It can also make you scramble to come up with any other ostensibly reasonable explanation, no matter how ridiculous, for how your child knew about something that hadn’t happened yet with no apparent indications that it was going to happen. But once you've eliminated all the reasonable explanations, it's time to face the fact (and celebrate it) that your child, like countless other children, has the gift of prophecy.

The sources of all accurate predictions and prophecies physically exist on The Other Side. To understand that, there are some basic things you need to know about the Other Side itself. The life charts that we write before we incarnate to come down to earth are kept in the Hall of Records on The Other Side. Every life chart is accessible to every spirit on earth and at Home, with one exception: None of us is allowed to read our own chart for the lifetime we're currently living. We'll experience intuitions, coincidences, déjà vu and countless other momentary indications that we remember the charts we wrote, but so that we can fully experience what we're here to accomplish, we're never given the opportunity to view what lies ahead in our own lives.

We can though, study anyone and everyone else's charts we choose as can everyone in the spirit world, including our Spirit Guides and our departed loved ones. And children, whose spirit lives on The Other Side are still more familiar to them than living on earth in a human body, are well aware of their access to those charts in the Hall of Records. It takes less than a heartbeat for a child's spirit, awake or asleep, to travel Home for a glimpse of a loved one's chart, whether they're consciously aware of the trip or not. The spirit world around them, with whom we know they regularly communicate, can also transmit past, present, and future information to them from those same charts, in ways we'll discuss momentarily.

Also kept in divine perfection in the Hall of Records on the Other Side are the Akashic Records, which are the other reliable source of predictions and all other knowledge among the spirit world. The Akashic Records are the actual written memory of God. Their sacred power is undoubtedly imprinted on the very life force of the universe, but they also exist in the physical form of the Other Side, on countless sacrosanct scrolls in the Hall of Records. They're written in Aramaic; the language we all speak fluently at Home and they're accessible to every spirit God every created, including, of course, our children. And if you just flashed on the thought that your child is too young to read, you've momentarily forgotten that regardless of your child's current physical age, their spirit is as ancient as time itself, and the Akashic Records are more divinely familiar to them than any bedtime story you'll ever use to read them to sleep.

Children visit the Other Side frequently through astral travel. We all use astral travel to visit the Other Side. But children are very comfortable using this method of travel as their knowledge of the Other Side is so familiar to them.

Children may communicate with Angels, Spirit Guides and spirits of loved ones using telepathy. They may also communicate with other children or adults using this method. Telepathy is the direct, instantaneous passing of information from one's mind, or consciousness, to another without the use of the five physical senses of sight, hearing, touch, taste or smell.

Some children receive an enormous amount of information from the Hall of Justice on the Other Side by way of infused knowledge. Infused knowledge, like telepathy, is accurate information about the past, present or future that's instantly transferred from one mind to another without the five physical senses being involved. But unlike telepathy, the information doesn't seem to come from any specific sender. It's simply not there one second and there the next.

Children have also been known to have the gift of psychometry. Psychometry is the ability to sense and interpret the living energy that's been absorbed by inanimate objects. Perceptions of that energy can come in the form of visions, smells, sounds, emotions, and even specific empathetic physical sensations like pain, heat, and cold.

Children can also have clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience. Clairvoyance is the ability to see beings, objects, or information from another dimension. Clairaudience is the ability to hear from those same beings, objects, or information. Clairsentience is the ability to accurately read and often personally experience the physical and emotional energy of spirits from both other dimensions and this one.

Your child also might attract apportation, a unique psychic phenomenon from the spirit world that they can attract. If this happens, it might just as easily mystify you and make you question your own sanity. Apportation is a fascinating event in which the spirit world dramatically manipulates a physical object here on earth. They may transport the object through space and/or seemingly impenetrable barriers so that it seems to materialize out of nowhere, or to disappear from a place you’re absolutely certain it was then reappear in some other place you’re equally certain it can’t possibly be. Children tend to accept apportations as just another loving wave from Home.

Every child has psychic gifts. Nurturing your child’s psychic gifts is a wonderful way to help them connect to their spirituality.

Love Always,

Sylvia Browne

Sylvia Browne is without question, "America's #1 Psychic," an internationally known psychic and medium.

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By Johnny, Thursday, August 07, 2014 04:23:08 AM
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By Lisa, Friday, October 01, 2010 10:32:03 PM
Children aren't psychic. Children have wild imaginations yielding to mere musings as they tell their lofty tales. In fact, nobody is psychic. Go to and educate yourselves, please!
By Anida, Sunday, August 30, 2009 05:16:53 PM
Syvia I have a question about my nefew. he is only 3 years oldbut I sense something is in him. my familly, wellactually my oldest sister that i know of feel that he has a gift. Just afew days ago he told her that she was going to have twins a boy and a girl. he told her this because he saidthat he wants to dess them up in weird hats. His mom is afraid of what he says but not my sister or myself. We believe in what he said. but i would like to hear from you is my nefew gifted.
By marilyn, Thursday, June 04, 2009 09:07:51 PM
thank all of you for sharing your stories of your all have renewed my faith an give me great joy.i thought i was crazy and have waited for your moments i dont feel crazy now and have been waiting all of my life to see your childrens moments showing us how blessed we are .god is . that gods loving spirit is manifesting his love threw your stories and weaving love and truth for all of us to see
By naomi, Thursday, April 30, 2009 10:10:38 AM
Reflection on my previous comment by Naomi - I spoke with my mom about this incident. And together we comprehended that my son, (her grandson) was being presented with a visual of God in an acceptable form and on a level that our son/grandson would be responsive to. If God can do anything, why can't he make hisself into the shape and size of a boy? Maybe.... Another reflective thought on this is - we are all children of God. In our son/grandsons mind, it is a fact that we are peices of God. So to make a statement that God was here, is also recognition and comprehension of "We" Are a peice of God. So even if it was a little boy spirit, it is a peice of God. As we all are.
By Valerie, Thursday, April 30, 2009 12:21:13 AM
One morning I woke my niece up because she was crying in her sleep. Later she told me that her daddy shot her mommy and her. She's only 4. Crazy thing is.....I had a similiar dream once. Her step-dad and I both had guns and he was trying to drop his to 'accidentally" shoot me. Then my niece got up, when she wasn't supposed to and he kicked her full-force, in her body. It scares me because sometimes my dreams come true. What do you do in a case like this?
By naomi, Tuesday, April 28, 2009 10:35:27 AM
I have a story about what my 4 year old told me in the past. One day out of the blue, My 4 year old told me that God was just here. I said, "What does God look like?" My son said "He's a boy." I said how big is he? And my son was upset with me for making him state the obvious! He said, "Mom! He was just right here!" (as if I had just seen the apparition too.)So I asked my son the same question again, and my son said, "He's this tall." and my son measured his arm up to his own 4 year old height. Then I said, where is the little boy now? My son said, "he just came in here" (he pointed at the wall), "and walked in the wall, and dissapeared." And then my son just didn't want to talk about it anymore. Which is strange that he would even get upset for me asking him who he just saw. My son is perpetually happy and easy going by nature. It was entirely out of character for him to express upset. I figure he was just a little frustrated; because the words to describe what had just happened was difficult to explain from his little memory vocabulary. Have a Happy Day Message from God! :)
By Stefanie, Sunday, February 01, 2009 09:13:50 PM
My son Jacob had an experience a few months ago that was just amazing. A male spirit "took" Jacob to another place that was like a forest at one end and meadow at the other with a stream running between them. The spirit kept talking to Jacob in a loud voice, that scared him, at first cause he couldn't understand what the man was telling him, until Jacobs sister joined him in his room and helped him decipher what was happening. He's still afraid to talk about it,but my daughter and I told him who the man was and that it was great that a spirit had come to talk to him.
By kathy, Sunday, October 19, 2008 07:12:58 AM
Dear Sylvia, when i was a small child i used to have an invisible friend ( at least that's what my mom called him) anyway i could see him as plain as everyone else. he was a male and an adult. his name was "my Mr." i saw him every where, at home he would even eat dinner with US. my mom would put out a plate and i would see him sit on the chair. i saw him out side of my class room window floating, which was on the 2nd floor and i thought nothing of it. was he my spirit guide or my guardian angel? around that time i was also telling my mother things that would happen before they actually did, the information would come to me in dreams. one night my fathers mother came into my bedroom(when i should have been fast asleep) she lived in Indiana and i only saw the woman 2 x's in my life, but something woke me up and i sat up in bed and looked around and saw her standing there talking to me i saw her mouth moving but there was no sound and all. i could clearly see the outfit she was wearing, and all i could think of was this can't be happening so i laid back down and she just faded away, and i went to sleep. when i got up i rushed to tell my mom but before i could get it all out the phone rang, and while she was talking on the phone she just kept looking at me kind of funny. when she got off the phone i finished telling her what happened and she told me that it was her family on the phone and the time i saw her in my bedroom was the time of her death and the clothes i saw her in were the clothes they were burying her in. since then i have only gotten a few warnings and it seems like the older i get the fewer i get and now i don't get any at all. how would i go about getting that back? thanks for listening. Kathy
By Anida, Tuesday, September 23, 2008 12:55:11 PM
I have a nefue that is about three. When he was one year old we went to an uncles funeral. And he was giggling as if he were playing with someone. That same day we found out that both my uncle and my nefue had the same name. I want to know was that a coincedence. And could my nefue had been playing with my uncle.

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